Dealing with PR in your SaaS businesses is not complicated. There are approaches you can take to turn prospects into customers. Remember, SaaS marketing is different because SaaS companies don’t have tangible products to market. They rely on service marketing, which is why they must take a different approach. Media coverage is a vital part of SaaS business, and studies indicate that companies are 23% more likely to succeed if they use PR. Even if getting PR is not easy, it works with enough effort and consistency. This article will teach you how to utilize PR strategies to generate leads for your SaaS business.

Why PR in SaaS Business?

PR for SaaS is a very vital part of your company. It helps your business get mentioned in the media on different online and offline platforms. For instance, you can get an interview with a journalist or write a guest post for a good publication. When you are consistent, PR can:

    • Earn high-quality leads, media mentions, and brand awareness.
    • Allow you to utilize media mentions you get on the website to market your service. This helps build credibility, meaning more sales.
    • Build high-quality links to the website. It helps boost your search engine optimization, helping you rank higher and get more leads to the websites and eventually to the business.

PR Strategies to Use to Generate More Leads to Your SaaS Business

Knowing how to make your pitches effective and give the media a reason to choose you is crucial. The following are SaaS PR strategies you can incorporate into your marketing to get more leads.

Guest Post

You can incorporate guest posting to build traffic and leads. Try to guest post for higher publications like Forbes and Business Insider. A good thing to remember is that your guest posts don’t have to contain a lot of text. You can use infographics and data visuals to do your SaaS work. When looking for publications, it will be best to determine the kind of guest posts your people would like to see. Look for promising sites and post your blogs. What topics do you think will interest your audience? Which topics have not been covered well by others? After you know the type of blog post to write, send your pitch to a reliable media choice.

Media Mentions

It can be a great idea to share your pitch with the media. However, you must ensure what you share is worth it and will shift focus toward you. The more media mentions you get, the better it will be for you, and the easier it will be to get more leads. You can get started with HARO, a journalist newsletter to find you. With HARO, journalists can quickly figure out what to write.

The trick here is being outstanding to shine more than others. How standard do other businesses provide the information? Is there something you can do to make yours different? How can you add value to your articles?


This is another powerful strategy that helps leverage more leads. Think about the time people take to listen to your podcasts. When people hear you more, they want to know more about you and what you do. Ensure your podcasts are directed by suitable media and use Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube channels well.

Tips to Make These Strategies Succeed

Journalists receive a lot of pitches in a week. So, how do they choose from the hundreds? You can increase the chances of getting your story pitched and featured. Here is what to do.

Be Consistent

You must make your pitch consistent. One mistake that SaaS businesses make in their PR strategies is being inconsistent. Sending pitches occasionally will not be helpful. You need to ensure consistency and send one pitch every day. Add the number, and your business will be more visible within no time, and people will notice it. This will help increase sales to the company.

Know the Audience

To get your PR work, knowing the people who will be listening, watching, or reading your content is crucial. Getting media mentions will help increase brand awareness and generate more leads. So, think about the kind of content your audience would like to see.

Customize your Pitches

It is also a good idea to avoid sending standard pitches by customizing them to make them more relevant. The pitches you get will help your brand to grow. Therefore, focus on your areas of expertise for more results.


PR allows your SaaS business to grow by increasing your visibility and brand awareness. However, random pitching will not help you beat the competition. You must be consistent and customize your pitches to fit your audience. Once you are ready, you will start getting leads.

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