Monday, December 11, 2023


Cindy Engstrom

“A great leader must have perseverance, commitment, focus and fun. Within these categories, you must lead with compassion.”

Béatrice Cointreau

“Women can do everything; they just have to trust themselves! Pioneering as one of the first women in the wine and spirit industry, I am compassionate on the matter and personified the diversity at the time.”

Christie Lawler

“There are so many things, it would be impossible to nail down just a few initiatives that are in our pipeline. But we are always working toward growth and evolution.”

Judith Curry

“The need for better solutions to an ever-broadening range of weather and climate impacts will continue to drive the economic prospects in this sector.”

Elizabeth Shively McAvoy

“Ditch the procrastination. You are the only one responsible for making your dream come true”

Nathalie Dreyfus

“Dreyfus prides itself on assisting its client’s hand-in-hand from start to finish.”

Solace Pediatric HealthCare

Darcie Peacock

“A great leader is someone who spends time building relationships with their people, puts the needs of the organization ahead of their own and is not afraid to make hard decisions.”

Nidhi Chadda

“Innovation starts with people, and it is important for organizations to create a safe environment supportive of diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Dr. Susanne H. Thompson

“Leadership is an honor and a service to those around you to help colleagues feel empowered, successful, inspired, motivated, and very clear about their work.”


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