Elizabeth Shively McAvoy: Promoting peace and light

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Elizabeth Shively McAvoy, popularly known as Libby McAvoy, is a personal development and relationship coach specializing in emotional intelligence. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor, an avid writer, a professional speaker, and a spiritual seeker. She runs a unique business where she utilizes her yoga and coaching certifications, knowledge, and personal experience to help awaken, inspire, and empower others to live extraordinary lives. Her philosophy and system are awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, and detachment from the outcome.

Bringing authenticity to the table

Libby’s teachings are unorthodox compared to the traditional customs derived by the various life coaches. She harnesses an ancient yoga philosophy as the basis for the belief system that she lives by. She believes that this philosophy has the potential to transform people, first from autopilot to self-actualization. She admired the idea of teaching yoga practices and entered the industry in 2016 by opening a yoga studio, initially named Yoga Fit Boutique. She decided to close the brick-and-mortar studio to reach a broader worldwide clientele and help more people. Now, with her new brand name, “Journey to the Life You Love,” Libby is reaching the masses and changing their perspective on life. Currently, she has one location, but she is reaching her clients globally.

She mentions how different digital platforms, such as Podia and Acuity, make it easier to reach out to and meet new clients, as well as offer online courses. Fortunately, with AI and machine learning taking over many fields, Libby is confident that her business model will be proven in the future as well. Furthermore, she believes that people will always benefit from coaching and connecting with others, and that people will always read, whether in print or online. She is currently publishing books and offering online sustainability courses while gaining corporate sponsorship.

"Ditch the procrastination. You are the only one responsible for making your dream come true"

Self-acknowledging one’s calling

Libby never deemed herself a leader during the early stages of the company. Until she started receiving feedback from her coaching clients, who were transforming and improving their lives. Such encouraging remarks assisted Libby in realizing her ability to change the lives of many people. She expresses that her desire to learn and grow while maintaining a beginner’s mindset is extremely beneficial to her. She wishes to broaden her knowledge and expertise. Libby describes her business as an emotional investment that is emotionally taxing because she pours her heart and soul into it. She cares about her clients and believes in being customer-oriented, so she is available to them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Libby has been learning and evolving for many years. She recalls her memories when she used to do nails as a job and now feels amazed that she was coaching without being aware of it. She recognized her abilities; even though she enjoyed teaching yoga, it was not enough. She now knows that her purpose is to awaken, inspire, and empower others to live their best life. Her most unexpected lesson was understanding her faults and self-limiting behaviors through coaching others and then taking steps toward her personal growth. Aside from raising two responsible children, she considers her greatest accomplishment to be co-writing and publishing her first book with Dancing Elephants Press. “The book is in the final editing stage and will go to print globally any day now,” she mentions.

Libby feels extremely grateful for her current stature. She feels her life has been more of a long, beautiful journey than a mere destination. Libby highlights, “I do not rest on my laurels, instead, I have plans for a couple more books and hope to continue to grow my coaching practice and do more keynote speaking engagements.”

Elizabeth Shively McAvoy: Promoting peace and light
Elizabeth Shively McAvoy

Get the inspiration; Be the inspiration

Libby starts her day with yoga and meditation, followed by posting an inspiring quote on social media to motivate others. She then continues her daily reading routine. She works seven days a week, but she keeps her schedule flexible and focuses on her interests. She is adamant about giving back to the community. This sense of responsibility had been deeply rooted in her since she was a child. Her parents were a great inspiration, as they not only had an ideal and healthy marriage, but they were also pillars in the community. She is also influenced by Deepak Chopra and his work.

Throughout her journey, she discovered that having a growth mindset, empathy, optimism, resilience, and flexibility, as well as the courage to try new things and take risks, good communication, and the ability to resolve conflict, make a great leader. She also developed characteristics that enable her to make others feel good about themselves and to practice awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness. She mentions, “My children are grown, but family is essential to me. I love to cook, travel, and spend time outdoors. Yoga is an important creative outlet for me as well.

A Guide to Success

Libby suggests being a strong visionary. The next step is to launch the business without being afraid to make mistakes, given the limited resources available. “Ditch the procrastination. You are the only one responsible for making your dream come true,” says Libby. Further, she states that one should not be bothered by the need for external validation. “No one else needs to believe in what you are doing, nor do you need their approval,” she adds.

Libby is thrilled to be a part of people’s transformation, growth, and success. She hopes to continue to build her coaching business and participate in more speaking engagements. She also plans to hold in-person retreats that will combine yoga, meditation, and coaching sessions. Moreover, she will continue to promote peace and light through her work.