As the late style diva Brittany Murphy said, “If you can’t change your surroundings, change your hair color.” 

Coloring your hair is not just root cover up; it’s the complete change of aura. Just like Jenna Igneri said in an editorial piece she wrote in NYLON, “Every hair color was a breath of fresh air, uplifting her self-esteem a bit when she needed it the most”.  

There is an unexplainable rush of power and taking control that one feels after getting hair colored. Owning your greys is one thing, but for some, hair color gives instant gray coverage that immensely improves spirits.

So, if you are looking for inspirations or ideas that kill two birds with one stone – give you an instant lift of confidence and get a root cover up, we have some ideas you can incorporate for your lookbook 2023. 

Trends to Add to Your Look Book 2023

Platinum is Forever

We have seen Jennifer Lawrence pull off that perfect look with her platinum locks. But with the recent change of color for Kim Kardashian – platinum will be the hair color of 2023. 

Not only does the color give the perfect transition phase between two color jobs, but it also kicks start the 2023 winter look with a bang. The icy white hues of platinum shade, in wavy or straight locks, give just the right oomph to complement your winter look. 

A subtle root cover spray and glossing will go a long way to hide those dark roots amid the platinum crown.  

Honey Caramel

This restrained yet beautiful transition makes it to the list of the subtle yet hot looks of 2023. It is like the truce between blonde, brunette, and hues of brown. 

You can give instant gray coverage your hair with sun-kissed caramel tones in a dark blonde and light brown base. As you go out in the sun, the blend of these colors makes it look picture-perfect. It also is the right tone to enter spring post-winter.   

When there is a need for change, the base will be perfect for ombre or balayage without going for drastic changes.  


Subtly and gradually, the curse is lifting from curly heads. There were days when stylists dreaded a curly head walking into the salon looking to shift things a bit. 

But the dreadful prejudiced notion that ‘the curls look the same’ after the glam session is becoming a thing of the past. Stylists enjoy working with curly heads more than ever, and curlights are making waves this year amid all experiments.   

One wonders if it is even a thing, but we tell you what, curlights are the best thing that happened to curly heads. These subtle changes of shades in the locks give them so much dimension and tinge. 

When blending the color in selective locks, playing with the pattern gives a perfect look. Curlight subtly enhances the dimension of curls, making them look even more beautiful.  

Also, you don’t need to freshen up the color, just root concealer to cover those greys will do. 

Otherwise, the lowlights at the end of each strand will continue to look like a million bucks as the hair grows, and shades wear off a little with each wash. 

Warm Brunettes

Warm brunette stays relevant every year. Brunettes are the perfect color tone to maintain in all seasons. Shades of brunette can be coupled with subtle undertones of caramel, a tinge of amber, coffee hues, or even an undertone of gold. 

The color is effortless to handle at home; one can manage gray hair touch up with easy-to-use spray on root concealer.  

You can always freshen the look with some highlights of deep golden, warmer reds, or copper tones. The color, for its denser properties, make the locks look shinier and fuller, almost giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair. 

Copper for the Win

When in doubt, go for that simple yet chic high-school vibe. The color is also easy to freshen up, but when left without the root touch up, it blends with the new shade appearing at the roots. 

It is an easy look for natural blondes or redheads to keep shuffling things; meanwhile, there is no need to rush to the salon at the sight of new color appearing at the roots. 

Even better, you can use some DIY hair root touch up powder when you need to cover the grays. At the same time, you can opt for something that you can manage at home. Talk to your stylist because they can give better suggestions depending on the base color, which will be easy to maintain. 

Cinnamon Red Please

If you dread going all bright red like Merida from Brave, cinnamon red is the road you would like to take. It is a softer and more subtle take on the shade of red. 

It gives a slight fiery look when you go in the sun. There are many tones of red. Make sure to go with some picture ideas to the salon appointment because just saying cinnamon red will not come out as you expected it to. 

The color ranges from pumpkin spice orange or deep auburn to a light reddish brown. The tone that you are going for should also compliment your complexion. 

You can also maintain them with a root concealer powder or a simple spray on root concealer. Anything that covers the greys emerging in reds would help. Remember to think this through as you opt for it if you have a contrasting base color.     

Black Diamond

After seeing Katherine Zeta-Jones on Netflix’s series, Wednesday, we all aspire to go to that perfect dark black. It gives such a glamorous and powerful look that it would be a treat to return to all-black after a while.

The gothic and rustic looks are back this year, and we have Addams women to blame. All black and shiny locks give a healthy look. The great thing about the black diamond color is it complements almost all complexions. Whether you have pale or dark skin, black compliments and add shine to your overall guise.   

It is the most underrated color to maintain. Just a little work of hair root touch up powder, and you are all set and ready to go. 

Natural Silver

Reel back ten years, and grays were not pertinent. 

Nowadays, owning your natural look is loved and lauded. Not only it liberates you from the norms that dictate fashion, but also you feel better in your skin. The constant need to rush to the salon for root cover up also declines. 

The natural silver will give you the best look if you are in your mid-thirties or forties. It is empowering and convenient. Natural silver looks beautiful on all hair lengths. 

And when you start showing color at the roots, it can give a beautiful salt-and-pepper look with some work. A stylist could guide you better on using the shade of gray appearing in your black or brown base to create a new look. 

It doesn’t require much maintenance but occasional glossing in case hair starts looking yellow or brassy.        

Jewel Tones

It is an emerging trend to look out for in 2023. Jewel tone includes bright shades of emerald, fuchsia, eggplant, or amethyst. It is not an electric shade like Billie Eilish’s green, but deeper shades.  

If you don’t like subtle and want a major change, you should explore the jewel hair color clan. These colors are trending with a full head of the same color, a blend of two or three shades. 

When going to jewel tones, talk to your stylist, as they can guide you better on what color would look amazing with your complexion. You will need an occasional root concealer to cover the tracks of fresh roots that start appearing after a week or two.   

All in all, these are some amazing colors to try this winter season. Plus, the trend for jewel tones will not subside this year. 

Parting Wisdom 

Hair color trends come and go. Despite what is in and trending, one should do what one feels comfortable with. Either you can opt for a complete makeover, and those who don’t like big changes can stick to a simple gray hair touch-up routine.

Either way, for a drastic change, go to a stylist because they can handle the bleaching for transformations while keeping an eye on hair health. Since bleaching damages the hair’s bond, the structure gets compromised, resulting in a change in hair texture. 

After a few sessions at the salon, you can learn your way around bleaching or color change at home. But that, too, is not advisable if you don’t know what you are doing, and YouTube will be your only guide. 

Instead, go for color sticks and root concealers that make your hair look fresh without causing major damage. In the end, you do you. When you feel beautiful from the inside, it radiates.

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