Businesses must ensure fall safety. It’s also important that homes provide fall protection for adults and children. But how can you offer this kind of protection?

The best bet is to invest in the best fall protection equipment. Below, we have a list of the top companies that deliver the best full body harness.

Let’s get into it! 

  1. Miller Fall Protection

Miller Fall Protection protection products are designed with safety and comfort in mind, so women are protected while working at heights. One of their most popular products is the Miller Titanium Harness.

It consists of a lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable leg, torso, and back sizing options. Additionally, it is also equipped with:

  • Two detachable torso straps
  • Two maintenance-free buckles
  • Three steel rings

Lastly, it has an extensive selection of accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to stay safe while working at heights. 

  1. FallTech

FallTech is one of the leading companies that make work harnesses for women. The FT-One Fit premium full body harness allows every woman to create a customized fit of her shape. In addition, the exclusive hip adjustability ensures a proper fit for her hips. 

Not only that! FallTech also offers a wide range of other products, including:

  • Hardware kits
  • Safety nets
  • Lanyards

These are all designed to protect the female worker in construction and industrial settings. All of their fall protection products are rigorously tested, so you can trust in their quality and commitment to safety.

So, if you’re thinking to buy full body harnesses, be sure that it meets or exceed ANSI standards and OSHA regulations.

  1. Petzl

Petzl has a full range of products that caters to the specific safety needs of women. Their products are designed to provide the utmost protection and comfort for the specific heights and shapes of women’s bodies.

They have a wide selection of harnesses, anchors, and lanyards for a range of fall protection applications. Petzl consistently produces innovations for women in the areas of comfort and practicality, making them a top choice for fall protection equipment. 

  1. Guardian Fall Protection

Another great company that makes fall protection equipment for women is Guardian Fall Protection. All their products are designed with comfort and convenience in mind and are made from the best possible materials.

They are committed to providing superior fall protection solutions that protect the women who protect us. Plus, Guardian Fall Protection’s products are regularly tested and certified for their quality, performance, and safety to ensure the best protection possible. 

  1. Capital Safety

Capital Safety has designed a line of harnesses for women that is comfortable and practical while still being fashionable. Their products are created to reduce the chance of fatal injuries resulting from falls.

Their harness and lanyard designs provide an adjustable fit so that women, no matter their stature, can be supported in any kind of environment while working. 

Choosing the Best Fall Protection Equipment for Women

The companies highlighted are just a few of the many that are providing top-notch fall protection equipment for lady workers. With the right gear and increased safety, comfortability is ensured no matter the activity.

Give yourself the added protection you deserve, and check out these top companies for top-notch small work harnesses today.

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