Over the years, the world of dental care in Cronulla has evolved somewhat to say the least, so much so that the efforts of the dental professionals involved should be held in the utmost of respect. If you consider that as far back as anybody can remember, tooth pain has proven time and time again to be one of the most painful of things to endure, yet there are more people visiting dental surgeries today than ever before, but why? Sure, people are living longer in general, but that’s just a small piece of the puzzle.

Education and awareness

Typically, the resolution of a problem starts with education, however, it’s been a long road for any dentist in Cronulla for several reasons. First, dentists have been advising people for years that sugar is no good for their teeth, however, outside of the dental surgery sugary foods and drinks were being glamorously advertised and sold at every opportunity. On top of that, most people are, to some degree addicted to sugar and sadly, where there’s addiction, there’s usually big bucks to be made by sugar pushers.

Dentists have done their best, but if you’re addicted to something like sugar and are advised, ‘at the very least, you must brush your teeth twice a day’ then the brain likely decodes that as, ‘brushing twice a day is perfectly sufficient’.  There was more that needed to be done, dentists needed help which is where tighter sugar regulations and awareness advertisements have helped to get people slowly, but surely on board.

An audience like never before

In addition to the health care professionals, the Internet is also owed a massive handshake, without it, it’s hard to see how else dental professionals would have reached out to so many people and helped to shape a new culture of teeth care. The old saying “prevention is better than the cure” is being practiced by a growing number of people who now understand that, if teeth are maintained properly, then they needn’t have to endure unnecessary pain, or dread going to the dentist for help.


Another thanks has to go to the dental care professionals who could have, at some point considered a change of career path in the direction of being a sugar trader but didn’t. Those that are still successful dental professionals today provide a different level of technical service to their clients, for most clients, their visit to the surgery these days is a regular one with nothing more than some checks and perhaps some maintenance care to be administered.

The transformation from a process that had to be endured as a matter of urgency to relieve the most excruciating pain to an experience that people look forward to taking part in is nothing short of a miracle… unhappy patients have been converted into happy clients. It’s a far cry from going for help, probably being given bad news, likely a further dose of pain followed by leaving feeling slightly traumatized to a routine visit, being told good news, perhaps even a compliment or two, and leaving with a smile on your face.

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