Saturday, April 1, 2023


Anna Zakrzewski

“Client pools are becoming more diverse, and the visibility of these client pools is also changing the way business is conducted”

Darcy Nelson Smoot

“We need to involve more women in conversations about their finances, to build their capacity to make smart decisions with their wealth, and to build their confidence in running their finances.”

Mei Qin

Believe in yourself, especially your passion, learning ability, and your love. Take action and nothing can stop you.

Alison Gamble

“Our business has changed from the old broker approach of managing accounts in silos to a team approach where we all service the clients’ needs”

“Over the years, the industry has shifted from a sales model to an advice-driven model. Because of this shift, successful financial professionals must be able to articulate the value of their advice to enhance their unique value proposition while running a consistent practice to best meet their clients’ needs.”

Vicki Wusche

“Many senior managers and business owners burn out because they do not put themselves first when designing and running their own business.”

Renee Mendelssohn

“It can be challenging starting your career in a historically male-dominated career, but just know there are women who have succeeded in line before you.”

Stuart Vick Smith

“The best thing you can do for the growth of your firm is to take great care of your clients. More than 80% of our new clients come from existing client referrals.”

Sarah Baker

“The opportunity is endless!! The red carpet is out for ambitious women to advance their careers in wealth management,”

M. L. Graeme Campbell

“The next generation of leadership at Barrett, which crosses over at least 3 and 4 generations of clients, brings a collaborative and inclusive style of management. Maximizing the strengths of the team has been paramount.”


We can assist the environment by planting trees, but only if we also stop burning fossil fuels.

A growing number of governments and companies are adopting net-zero greenhouse gas emissions targets.

Pet therapy explains how dogs, cats, and horses may help people feel better.

We’ve all heard of the psychotherapy couch, and the dynamic between a client and their human therapist.

Growing up in a city can impair spatial abilities, according to new research.

Like computer circuit boards, many American cities are organised in a grid. People flow through them in vast numbers.

Can our job and personal life really truly be separated? We should not try, according to philosophy.

If you could take work-life balance to its most literal extreme, what would it look like? That’s the central theme of Severance, the sci-fi series that has just finished airing on Apple TV.

Why new laws to ensure that environment benefits from construction projects may fail

The principle behind biodiversity net gain is simple, and has the potential to be a significant improvement on the current planning system.

There’s no going back to the old office life, even Google acknowledges.

The great enforced global experiment in working from home is coming to an end, as vaccines, the Omicron variant and new therapeutic drugs bring the COVID-19 crisis under control.

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