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Save up for a rainy day! It’s a phrase we are all familiar with, and a force of habit for most of us. As human beings, our wealth and savings are the most vital aspects to living a comfortable, safe, and happy life. In today’s day and age, however, saving up just for a rainy day isn’t nearly enough. With the way industries and new technologies are reshaping the world, who knows what to expect in the future. In such unprecedented times, in the metaphorical sense, any good day could become rainy.    

Fast-paced globalization and digitalization have laid the foundation to a host of wealth and asset management avenues. Moreover, as goal-oriented consumers of the modern era, we all understand the need for not just saving, but also developing our wealth – wealth that enables us to live a fulfilled life now and a secure life in the future. But with the scores of wealth management advisors and firms out there today, as a consumer it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer choice and scale of wealth management avenues to choose from.

This is where Gamble Jones Investment Counsel of Pasadena, CA, continues to emerge a cut above the rest. Established back in 1956, this firm has been in business for more than 65 years, providing sound wealth management advice to its clients while evolving and adapting through changing times. Alison J. Gamble, President/CEO states, “Our firm was established as a family business and is still run by family, and we’re here to work with and advise families.”

A “Family-First” Approach

Gamble Jones was founded by Jim Gamble, who later added partner Tom Jones. Jim and Alison’s father, Tom, started the business with the vision of creating a firm that could do more than exclusively offer portfolio management advice. They wanted the firm to be a family office that could serve as a resource for its unique clients, both in their finances and in life. The firm’s services include comprehensive portfolio management, in-depth financial planning, and an array of other financial services.

What sets Gamble Jones apart is its ability to connect with clients on a deeper, more holistic level – way beyond their balance sheets. Guided by its motto, “Family First,” team Gamble Jones handles its clients’ assets like it would manage its own.

“We take the time to get to know all of our clients—the old-fashioned way. At Gamble Jones, we value personal relationships that go beyond the surface so that we can truly understand our clients’ unique aspirations. By putting time, effort, and care into every interaction, we are continually building upon the relationships we have with our clients,” says Alison.

With the drive to meet the financial needs and future goals of its clients, every member of the Gamble Jones team is passionate and personally invested in helping its clients succeed.  The team of 17 smart and dedicated individuals is obsessed with its clients’ goals and uses its decades of experience to create exceptional wealth management solutions.

“I believe that making sure there is a healthy work/life balance will create happy, hardworking team members who will successfully serve our clients.”

Investing with Care and Intelligence

Since 1956, Gamble Jones has been offering clients steady and reliable investment advice to help them achieve financial security and live the life they have always wanted. A typical client for Gamble Jones is a family that is around 10 to 15 years from retirement, looking to secure its future in the best possible manner.  “They are busy and do not have the time to manage their personal finances and they need help identifying if and when they can retire,” shares Alison.

With a legacy in wealth and asset management, at Gamble Jones the investment advice is founded on three pillars of success: Research, Discipline, and Focus. Through detailed, holistic, and disciplined research, not only does this firm find the most attractive investment opportunities for their clients, but it is also able to meet the unique goals of each individual client.

Moreover, the Gamble Jones’ team approach and regular review of all portfolios ensures that its clients’ assets are always covered from all angles. “One person cannot know everything, so our clients have access to everyone at Gamble Jones. This team approach has made it easier to provide tailored advice for each of our unique clients while allowing their portfolios to get the firm’s best ideas,” says Alison. Due to its careful client-centric approach to asset management, today Gamble Jones manages upwards of $1.5 bn in assets for its unique clients all across the country.

The People’s President

For Alison, joining her father’s firm and continuing his legacy was a dream for as long as she can remember. She joined Gamble Jones Investment Counsel in 1993 and quickly rose through the ranks to become a principal in 1998. In 2011, Alison was named President of the firm where she continues her close relationships with her clients, managing their portfolios while driving the organization forward.

“I am the second generation of the family who has led Gamble Jones and I am tasked with the leadership and future of our firm. I followed my dad into this business and continue to learn from his experience. I also recognized that the industry, over the last 10 years, has gone through immense changes and that we as a firm needed to adapt and change as well.”

As President of a modern twenty-first century RIA, Alison has seen how the finance industry has dramatically changed ever since Gamble Jones first started. “Our business has changed from the old broker approach of managing accounts in silos to a team approach where we all service the clients’ needs,” shares Alison.

Evolving and innovating to stay ahead, Alison believes that the unbeatable resilience of her firm comes from the hard work and dedication of her employees. She says, “we have an amazing team that cares for each other and for our clients.” Even within the organization, Alison encourages a community approach in order to constantly succeed. The company tagline, “Family First” is quite apparent in the corporate culture as well, with regular team building activities and group brainstorming sessions. “I believe that making sure there is a healthy work/life balance will create happy, hardworking team members who will successfully serve our clients.”

In her free time, Alison enjoys traveling with her husband and children in their motorhome, exploring the mountains or relaxing by the beach. She also enjoys the occasional game of tennis and a good book to read.

Alison Gamble: Engineering Clear, Wise & Reliable Asset Management Solutions
Alison Gamble

Breaking Barriers

Over the years the term financial management has changed in the traditional sense. Once a male dominated industry, women like Alison have broken barriers and established themselves as pioneers in this field. This has led to a new wave of young, female talent entering the asset management field, looking at the likes of Gamble.

To stay on top of things and remain well informed, Alison often digs into her professional network to gain insight and discuss new developments in the industry. “I am in a study group with 3 other women who are leaders in their respective wealth management firms and I have learned so much from them.  They are bright, hardworking and caring…they are who I look up to in the wealth management industry,” shares Alison.

Working Towards a Secure Future

Looking ahead, the wealth management industry is poised to change and develop with more and more investment firms and unprecedented avenues on the rise. For Gamble Jones Investment Counsel, however, the future remains bright. Backed by a talented team, the ability to quickly evolve, and an undeterred focus on serving its clients, the firm is poised to add to its successful 66-year history.  “Our focus remains centred on serving our clients, and we will continue to invest in new services to meet our clients’ evolving needs. This will help drive new business and keep the “Family First” culture intact,” shares Alison.

Additional offerings like managing 401k and cryptocurrencies are in the pipeline as well, something Alison is excited to explore. “We will continue to look at new ways to provide excellent service for our clients as we try to stay ahead of what our clients’ needs are,” concludes Alison.

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