A dental report by the British Columbia Ministry of Health shows that between 60% to 70% of senior citizens in Surrey suffer from gum diseases. Another study by the Canadian Health Measures Survey showed around 21% of adults with natural teeth suffer from teeth problems. Crooked, overcrowded or misaligned teeth are one of the reasons behind periodontal diseases. Enamel damage, clenching, grinding, jaw strain and cracked teeth are other ways they affect you. Metal braces are an option, but they are inconvenient in many ways. The best alternative is Invisalign. You have numerous choices in Surrey Invisalign treatment, but how can you choose a dental clinic that provides you with the best results? What are the questions you should ask before visiting the dentist?

    1. What process do they follow?

Invisalign procedure provides you with the results you need, but that depends on the process that the dentist follows. An efficient one will start the process by taking photos and X-rays to create a 3d image of your mouth, and these will help them make custom-fitted aligners that fit your teeth comfortably.

    1. How many months will you wear them?

Most dentists in Surrey will advise you to wear the aligners between 9 months to 15 months, with 18 to 30 sets used during the treatment. Although you will wear them for about 22 hours a day, you can remove them while eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. Convenience is one of the significant advantages of this teeth-alignment treatment since you can take them out and wear them anytime.

    1. How soon can you notice the changes?

You should ask the dentist how soon you can expect the changes. Usually, the changes are not visible till a few months since the aligners need that time to begin adjusting the teeth. Contrary to what people think, these trays work faster than braces because they exert pressure on the teeth collectively rather than individually.

    1. Will you have to change them often?

Ask any good orthodontist in Surrey, and they will recommend you change it every two weeks. If you change them earlier or later than the suggested time, it will impact the overall results. They should also tell the various post-procedure precautions you must take, like wearing retainers.

    1. Do they provide Invisalign for teens?

A Canadian Health Measures Survey reveals almost 59% of adolescents suffer from dental caries because of various reasons, one of which is misaligned teeth. However, teens don’t like traditional metal braces, and who can blame them. They look unappealing, are easily visible, and are incredibly inconvenient. Invisalign is a unique product geared towards the requirements of teenagers. It has the exact working mechanism as the standard product but is slightly different. These have tiny dots that fade away after two weeks, helping the doctor know if they have worn the tray for the recommended time.

    1. How to choose a dentist for this treatment?

You must choose a dentist that has some previous experience with this procedure. The best option is to go with a Gold Invisalign Provider, showing they have dealt with 25 cases in a year. Call your insurer before starting the process, asking them if they have included it in your coverage plan. Many insurance plans in Surrey cover at least 50% of the costs in their program. Ask the clinic if they would assist you with the claims process and send the required documents via e-mail to your insurer.

These details will help you find the best dentist in Surrey for Invisalign and ensure you get the best results. Convenient, effective and subtle, they are the ideal alternative to metal braces for fixing crooked, misaligned and overcrowded teeth.

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