A pallet jack is a tool used to move or lift items and things. Usually, a Pallet jack is a form of the forklift. It is also called a pump truck, scooter, jigger, pallet pump, and truck pallet pump. A pallet jack is used in the warehouse to move pallets. A pallet jack is consisting of a handle, linkages, forks, load wheels, a hydraulic pump, and a wheeled trolley.  George G. Raymond invented the pallet jack with a standard pallet designed in 1939. Most pallet jacks are normally 20 or 27 inches wide and the length is 48 inches.

Usage of a pallet jack

Pallet jacks are used for lifting pallets and Martials without any strain in a short distance. The way to use a pallet jack is that stand behind it and put both hands on the lever.  Similar to the car jack work pump the lever down to raise the prongs off the ground. To lower the prongs the trigger is used to squeeze with the help of a handle.  Under a pallet jack slide, the prongs and lever used to carry the pallets move freely in the working area.

Categories of pallet jacks

With the work difference and load, many kinds of pallet jacks are used for burden convenience. Here we discuss some of its common categories.

Manual pallet jacks

It is also called double fork pallet jacks. Manual pallet jacks are the simplest form of a pallet jack.  These pallet jacks are hand-operated using the handle and liver o adjust the fork up and down. These pallet jacks are less expensive than all other types of pallet jacks.

Electric Pallet Jacks

These pallet jacks are simple manual pallet jacks with an electric motor that controls the hydraulic pump. These are also called walkie-pallet jacks. These jacks are equipped with a twist-style throttle on the handle.

Stand on pallet jacks

These pallet jacks are also called riding pallet jacks these are just like walkie pallet jacks. These jacks have a small platform on which the operator can stand during operation and are suitable for long-distance pallet transport.

Center Rider Pallet Jacks

These pallet jacks are specialized forms of stand-on pallet jacks. A small semi-enclosed operator compartment is made to operate the pallet jack instead of standing on a small platform in case of ride-on pallet jacks. Steering is used instead of a handle to operate it.

Adjustable pallet jack

The major aspect of an adjustable pallet jack is that its fork can be widened or narrowed using a hand crank mechanism which makes them more useful to apply to different-sized pallets. These functions make the adjustable pallet jack more versatile.

Sideways pallet jacks

A variation of a standard manual pallet jack is a sideways pallet jack. When handling a heavy load this is useful and can direct in any narrowest part of the load. Normally manual pallet jacks move forward and backward but this category swiveling loads with the desired operator.

Pallet truck

A wheeled trolley designed to transport and lift pallets is called a pallet truck. The common use of pallet trucks is in stockrooms, warehouses, and other places wooden pallets. It is an essential tool for any loading transport vehicle and carrying of goods. A pallet truck is necessary for your business to improve your income and the health or safety of your employees.

Functions of pallets truck

The most important thing about a pallet truck is to handle your warehouse easily. The standard size of a pallet truck is 1000 to 1200 mm and its length is 1150 mm. another important thing about a pallet truck is its wheels which come with options and different materials. All types of materials are best suited to many purposes and uses. Nylon, polyurethane, rubber, and signal with tandem are some materials of wheels used in pallet trucks. Pallet trucks have a weight capacity between 1500 and 300 kg. The heavy electronic pallet trucks can handle heavier loads.

Categories of the pallet truck

There are several types of pallet trucks with different sizes used for pallet lifting and handling. Here are some categories listed below.

The standard hand pallet truck

These pallets can lift loads approximately between 85 to 200 mm from the ground with a variety of fork lengths. These pallet trucks are best for performing day-to-day handling of pallets in warehouses or showrooms and other types of work premises.

Specialist Hand Pallet Truck

These types of pallets are mostly used outdoors on construction sites. This pallet truck has the capacity to work on uneven ground. These pallet trucks are also used in half-sized pallets commonly in the printing industry.

Electric Pallet Truck

Electric pallet trucks use less manual power to operate than standard hand trucks. The lift and drive mechanism is operated electronically and these pallet trucks can handle heavy loads than an ordinary hand truck.

High Lift Pallet Truck

High-lift pallet trucks are also called scissor-lift pallet trucks. These pallet trucks can prevent repetitive back strain during loading and unloading pallets by hand.

Pallet Truck Scales

These pallet trucks have the same feature as standard hand pallet truck with the addition of in-built scales that allows the operator to lift and weigh loads in a single operation. These functions maximize warehouse efficiency and also save time during shipping and storage.

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

Rough terrain pallet trucks are designed to move goods over uneven ground and these pallet trucks are ideal for farms, plant nurseries, work sites, and many other outdoor locations its smarter design makes it easy to work on irregularly shaped loads and uneven surfaces.

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