Turkesterone is a compound found in the ajuga turkestanica plant that has caught the attention of the masses. Going by the anecdotal evidence, the compound can help boost overall strength and performance.

If you are looking to buy Turkesterone in Australia, you can choose to buy the supplements online from websites like turkesteronesupplement.com.au. But if you are unsure about the supplement and wondering if it should be a part of your routine, the article will put forth factors that will help you decide.

Potential Benefits

The primary function of a supplement is to ensure your body gets essential nutrients, which facilitates bodily functions. So, the question to ask is why should you take Turkesterone. Unfortunately, studies around this particular compound are limited. But, a study of dietary phytoecdysteroids, including Turkesterone, found potential benefits like increased muscle mass and stamina anti-inflammatory properties that may aid in repair and recovery.


Turkesterone has the reputation of being a safer supplement compared to anabolic steroids. The reason is the compound does not bind to androgen receptors. This means you might notice usual side-effects seen from anabolic steroids like loss of hair, appetite, mood swings, sleep and libido, among others.

Dosage and Cycle Information

Turkesterone does not require any post-cycle therapy as with anabolic steroids. The standard dosage instruction for Turkesterone is 500mg every day for a period of 8 to 12 weeks. You can take a break in between before starting the same cycle again. Look for supplements with a higher compound concentration for desired results.

Supplement Brand

The popularity of Turkesterone has led to the development of several brands in the marketplace. Make sure you purchase the supplement from a trusted brand only. Research the brand online and go through reviews. See if the vendor conducts third-party testing on all their products.

Some brands offer a 365-day money-back guarantee on their products. This is not a requirement, but it instils confidence in customers that the company puts customer satisfaction as its top priority.

Customer Experience

Look for customer experiences and reviews online. Read about how the addition of Turkesterone supplements in their routine has affected their health. These supplements are not some miracle drug. It would be best to take them consistently while maintaining the healthy lifestyle you otherwise follow.

These customer experiences will help eliminate unrealistic expectations and provide a realistic view of results.


Depending on the brand, the price for a Turkesterone supplement can have an upper limit of $100. To save on cost, you can shop during sale periods. Or you could choose to buy multiple bottles at one go and save around $20.

 You could also make the most of the free vouchers that brands offer customers visiting their website for the first time.

Turkesterone is a supplement that could help activate new muscle cells, increase strength, boost testosterone and help manage stress and anxiety. Consider the potential benefits, side effects, dosage, cost and brand before adding the supplement to your diet.

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