In this very competitive working world, preventing and avoiding distractions is a must thing to do that can help maximize productivity at work. With better focus and concentration maintained at work, you can easily achieve the desired career success. 

Unfortunately, maintaining concentration in the office can sometimes be difficult. Various things can distract and damage your concentration at work. Many of these distractions can ultimately make your productivity decrease. In order to avoid this, you should know all the main drawbacks that can distract you from the office and find ways to prevent that from happening. 

 1. You try to do everything at once

When you have a long to-do list, you may think that the best way to tackle each of the tasks is by multitasking. But everything is just a huge illusion! 

When you’re trying to multitask, it actually won’t give you the result you aim for. It is because your brain has to constantly switch attention between tasks, and thus your concentration will easily break. Multitasking is not always the answer to maintaining productivity, it actually can be the main drawback.

Instead of trying to do it all at once, it is best if you create a daily schedule for each of your work activities. Create a list based on urgent priorities to the lower one. With this, you won’t feel that you need to catch everything at once, because you know eventually, you’ll do it at the right time. 

 2. Distraction due to advanced technology

With advances in technology, it is so easy to get distracted from what you need to work on. You may end up procrastinating because you push back your work schedule just because you want to spend another hour scrolling down social media. This is the ultimate bad habit that can kill concentration at work. The internet definitely can help you to work better and more efficiently, but it can also be the reason you’re forgetting your main obligation during working hours. 

 3. You have sleep deprivation

Brain fog and difficulty concentrating might be a result of mental fatigue. You can’t focus on the current task since you don’t have enough energy, and thus you let even the smallest distraction divert your attention. 

For example, you’re currently working on a crucial work report, and thus pulling all-nighters to finish it. But you still make time to open social media, despite the limited time that you have. This is a sign that you’re exhausted and your brain is demanding to take a break by making time for unimportant things.

Remember that no matter how busy you are, making time to have a good sleep is very important. An optimal quality of sleep can help to improve your brain capacity, and thus you can maintain focus better.

 4. Feeling hungry and dehydrated

It’s no secret that a healthy body can increase work productivity.  One aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the importance of healthy eating for productivity in the office. Feeling hungry can be the main reason why you’re getting distracted while working. 

You may opt to not have breakfast, and it’s not even lunch you’re already feeling lightheaded and hungry. Thus why it is very important to eat nutritious food at the right time every day. Without paying attention to your meal time and whether it is healthy or not, your body’s performance which is directly related to work will decrease in performance.

Not only meal, paying attention to your water consumption is equally as important. Because lack of water can affect your brain performance, thus it will make you easily lose focus.

 5. Dirty work environment

The paper beside the copier was messy, the pantry was dirty, and used cups or food wrappers were scattered on the table. A work environment like this will make you feel stressed out and easily distracted.

A cluttered and disorganized workspace doesn’t only give you an unpleasant impression. It will also affect your ability to concentrate on your tasks and reflects a poor work ethic. In addition, a cluttered and unorganized workspace can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. When the environment around you is chaotic, it hinders your ability to concentrate and focus, thus it can also increase your stress level.

What you should do to avoid this from happening is by making sure you maintain your work desk free from any clutter or stack of paper. Put all of those in their respective place, such as a cabinet or file organizer. 

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