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Taking off

10 Most Disruptive RPA Companies, 2019

Vol 2.

On the cover

Oded Karev, GM, NICE

The impact of integrating intelligent desktop robots into the workforce accelerates process efficiencies and processing accuracy while boosting the performance of human employees.

Their Stories

RPA Leaders

Nicolas Hess

Co-founder & MD, Roboyo

Agility, in every sense of the word, is critical to the future of work, and Roboyo continually expands expertise in emerging technologies.  

Steve Burke

Co-founder & CEO, DigiBlu

I haven’t been so excited since the dot com boom, and for the same reason, because we get to innovate business and operating models.

Doug Wendler

Founder & CEO, Machina Automation

It is my philosophy to hire talented folks with a diverse set of skills, to support them, and to get out of their way and let them do what they do best.

Divakar Tantravahi

Chairman & CEO, Innominds

Empowering RPA to handle any process will not only transform and streamline the organization’s workflow but will also allow for  scalability and flexibility within the enterprise.

Ashish Goyal

CEO, Srijan Technologies

At Srijan we have always believed in continuous learning and improvement. And that is at the heart of our solutions and services that leverage new and emerging technologies

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