Roboyo: Exploring Endless Possibilities of RPA



Expecting more than $4.3bn of growth by 2022, there is no question that RPA has been the most disruptive technology of this decade. Robotic Process Automation continues to capture the interest through the market, so much so that one leading software provider coined the slogan: “A robot for every person”.  Enter Roboyo. 

Roboyo is a leading automation strategy, implementation, training and technology partner founded in 2015. As a global pure-play consultancy, the company focuses on bringing businesses into the digital era. Working under the statement of exceeding client expectations, Roboyo has deployed thousands of automations across every industry sector, offering clients unparalleled experience in RPA. The company has been voted as the most innovative RPA player of 2018, offering a growing base of business, technology and training solutions that catalyze digital transformation in sectors as diverse as financial services, retail, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, healthcare, and FMCG. 

Headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany, with offices across Germany, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and India, Roboyo’s dynamic, international team supports clients in more than 20 languages and with a truly global delivery network. International and dynamic team of entrepreneurs, developers, and consultants with a mutual passion for digitalization. 

“We are a team of hungry people. Being one of the first in the market gives our team the confidence to tackle even the most difficult projects”

Game-changing offerings

Roboyo’s world-class consulting expertise and deep technical competency quickly bring clients closer to becoming automation-first enterprises. Using Robotic Process Automation as the backbone, Roboyo leverages a broad spectrum of technologies such as artificial intelligence, content interpretation, and extraction and natural language processing to automate processes and enable connected enterprise. “With our intelligent automation solutions, we can help you get the right solutions for your digital transformation,” says Nicolas Hess, co-founder and Managing Director of Roboyo.

Roboyo offerings span the complete enterprise automation journey. From consulting to implementation, training to hosted support and the rapidly expanding Roboyo Cloud platform, there is no other automation partner as effective and dedicated to client success as Roboyo.

Roboyo’s experienced consultants guide clients through the initial stages of the journey, proving the value of RPA and establishing the strategy, operating model and capabilities required to automate effectively, at scale. Understanding that each company’s needs are unique, the Roboyo Academy in the most robust RPA training global training practice, delivering content in both instructor-led and virtual formats, enabling client resources to tackle process automation independently. 

Adaptivity is critical to automation, and Roboyo’s Managed Service offerings can help any organization ramp-up and sustain their automation function. This includes the Roboline, an on-demand support service that gives clients access to the broadest RPA knowledge network in the world. 

The team at Roboyo is thrilled to have introduced the game-changing Roboyo Cloud – a proprietary cloud application that helps organizations manage critical phases of the automation life-cycle, The Roboyo Cloud is the home of Petze – the world’s first automated RPA workflow analyzer. Petze enables users to review code to ensure that UiPath and Blue Prism workflows are structurally sound, reducing development cycles, time to market and the cost of RPA solutions.  Additionally, Petze helps developers rapidly upskill their competencies while enforcing adherence to best practices, industry standards, and IT security & compliance rules. Petze is radically changing how companies develop automations and has helped to secure Roboyo’s position as UiPath’s first and only global Triple Diamond partner. “Beside consulting and development, enabling people in the era of digitization and automation is a key competency in Roboyo’s portfolio,” stresses Hess.

Agility, in every sense of the word, is critical to the future of work, and Roboyo continually expands expertise in emerging technologies. Artificial Intelligence may be a buzz word in a PowerPoint at many organizations, Roboyo’s alliance with ABBY is already improving outcomes for clients.  ABBYY is a leading Intelligent Content Reader, meaning that over time, it will correctly read unstructured data from documents such as invoices.  As the application “learns”, the robot utilizes a growing body of “master data”, interpretive accuracy increases, and the bot is more effective. 

While the company recognizes that AI at scale still has a long way to go, Roboyo continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with current technology. Exception-case handling is a key area of focus. Consider how a bot can “learn” to help manage invoice exceptions. If the robot receives an invoice, it will save it to an excel file, but if the robot receives a contract, it will perform a different action such as file migration. This demonstrates the cognitive capability of hybridized with RPA:  discernment of document type and disposition of the output.  Critical to success is understanding that these solutions drastically accelerate large swaths of process pipeline volume, leveraging human interaction for higher-value tasks that require nuanced discretion.   

Recently, one of Roboyo’s bank sector clients needed to automate an exception-heavy process. Roboyo tackled the challenge by cross-linking different technologies, such as content intelligence and artificial intelligence applications to deliver a solution that exceeded the KPIs established by the client. 

Nicolas Hess, co-founder and Managing Director, Roboyo

It’s the People

Of course, these achievements are not a coincidence, but a result of a highly dedicated and agile team. “We are a team of hungry people. Being one of the first in the market gives our team the confidence to tackle even the most difficult projects,” says Hess. “We are differentiating ourselves through our portfolio of services which led to unique offerings like our automated code checker, Petze. This also helps our employees to know that they are working at the forefront of automation when working for Roboyo.” Together they work to deliver excellence, best-in-class RPA methodology, and awesome implementations that maximize efficiency. Likewise, the company has recently designated a team with the mission of working on chat bots with the aim to bring a greater degree of intelligence to them.

Enabling the Future

Roboyo is working towards the goal of automating manual and repetitive processes, allowing any company to realize the benefits of Robotic Process Automation. The company is rapidly expanding across the globe with an on-the-ground presence in key markets across the globe. Having deployed skilled teams in the USA and Europe, the company is now expanding into the Asian markets such as India or China. The company is looking forward to the opening of its Indian office in the second half of 2019. Roboyo’s ultimate goal is to become the number one automation pure-play company worldwide and set the standards for the industry.

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