Tech Innovation Global Inc. founder Alicia Carroll, an engineer, who performed COVID-19 data analysis to be honored among the World’s Who’s Who, July 21, 2021, an edition once every five years, she will be honored for her work in COVID SARS CoV 2 emergency.  It will feature her success stories, life challenges, emotional upheavals, leadership qualities and represent global collaboration, despite many odds, in most grandeur form, coming out triumphant from the world crises while highlighting its pillars of who have helped the world stand in 2020.  Alicia Carroll performed COVID-19 analysis, supply capabilities, training in communicating technical issues, processes to improve implementation of guidelines including face mask mandates and alliances. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated will also feature companies, GenConnect recruiting to global workforce solutions, travel, health to vital living and products. Honors include Global Leaders LLC, CIO Magazine, feature in the British Chamber of Commerce, and Alicia Carroll is also nominated to advisor of a foreign chamber.

Tech Innovation Global Inc. announces a $200 million funding round on July 7, 2021 in collaboration with SCORE and companies for technology initiatives during 2021 to 2031 (10 years), you can also pay and go to to sponsor community programs and pay for services.  For more information go to Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, 600 Boulevard Ste 104, Huntsville Alabama 35802. ©2019 – 2021. All Rights Reserved.  Thank You

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