Businesses can benefit great by utilizing HPC systems. If you’re considering the use of one for your own business, then you’ve come to the right place.

What is an HPC System?

An HPC system is a high-performance computing system that can process high amounts of data and can solve computing problems a million times faster than the best desktop, laptop and server systems. 

Three basic components of an HPC system work together to create a cluster. This cluster has a purpose to compute, to network and for storage. 

Each component works with the others to increase computer speeds. The HPC system utilizes high speed components for increased performance in computer memory, file, storage, and networking. 

The “Super” HPC System 

An HPC system is like a supercomputer with parallel data capabilities. A supercomputer is one large computer that is made up of multiple computers and processors that work together to create parallel processing and high performance. 

Parallel processing allows 2 or more processors to handle separate parts of a task. Parallel data processing helps the computer execute code more efficiently, which can save time and money. 

How HPC Systems are used in Different Industries

The use of an HPC system can be beneficial within several industries.

HPC systems are being used in the healthcare industry for research and development of vaccines, treatments for disease and new drug discovery and design. An HPC system can complete human genome sequencing in a day and allow for rapid cancer detection, as well as  molecular modeling. 

The financial industry uses an HPC for automated trading and fraud detection. 

HPC is also useful for weather forecasting and climate modeling. HPC systems are also useful for learning about seismic data, geospatial analytics, wind simulation, and terrain mapping.

The aerospace industry is using HPC systems for simulation testing and personal training.

The Benefits of Colocation Data Centers

Outdated equipment may reduce performance speeds of an HPC system, and they may need constant upgrades which can increase the cost of set up and maintenance, especially for a smaller business. 

One option is to utilize a colocation data center. A data center is a facility built to store, power, cool and connect a high performance system. Colocation is a service provided by a data center that hosts a business computing hardware and servers.

The benefits of colocation data centers are that the business will have the flexibility to scale up or down based on the needs of the bandwidth and space for their businesses without the need to purchase additional equipment or space in a facility. 

A colocation data center is set up with reliable cooling systems, power and communication systems for an HPC system to help ensure the best performance and constant connections. It’s also important to look into sustainable data centers that uses renewable energy to reduce negative impacts to the environment

Performance related equipment can include cooling and air filtration systems to maintain acceptable temperatures of equipment as well as a dust free space to help maintain air flow for the electronics. Colocation data centers also offer onsite staff with skills to monitor and maintain servers, while providing risk management and keeping an eye out for any threats to the facility or maintenance needed to the system.

Another benefit of choosing a colocation data center is that there is a constant power supply that utilizes multiple power grids, generators, and battery backups to always have power, high performance speeds and better connectivity that allow for important applications to run uninterrupted. A colocation data center has great network security utilizing the latest firewalls to prevent data breaches or threats.

Is an HPC System Right for your Business?

An HPC system is a more efficient way to solve large problems. A colocation data center can help support a business’s need for an HPC system by providing many benefits including a facility that provides knowledgeable staff that can monitor the systems, an environment that provides proper temperature, air flow and back up options to maintain connection to applications at all times. An HPC system would be a great addition to any business that needs to process data and solve calculations at high speeds. 

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