Smartphones have become increasingly important over time. Today, our lives are becoming centered around our phones. We use them for navigation, communication, shopping, entertainment, and work. Mobile phone companies are developing better phones each year that are more powerful and efficient. You can get almost anything done on your smartphone today.

During the pandemic, smartphones played a major role in supporting telehealth and education. Even after the pandemic, phones are proving critical in our lives.  

The Johns Hopkins Center for Refugee and Disaster Response and the American Red Cross have collaborated to improve emergencies. They aim to develop disaster management applications that will help increase preparedness and reduce casualties.

When choosing a smartphone, there are many options to select from. The first debate for people when picking phones is on the operating system to choose. The most popular choices are Android and iOS. 

Android is the preferred choice of operating system in most areas around the world. It holds about 85% of the market shares in places like Türkiye, Brazil, and Indonesia. However, Apple is more dominant in Japan and the USA market.

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Since there are many phone manufacturing companies in the industry, deciding on what phone to pick may be hard. In this article, we will give you a guideline on what to look for in an Android phone. Here are some of the factors to consider:


The processor is arguably the most crucial part of the phone. It is a chipset, similar to the processor in a desktop computer, that handles all the operations. There are many processor makers in the market, and the most reputable Android chip manufacturers are Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is the newest chip in the market. The chip will feature in most of the 2023 flagship phones and will probably dominate the market. Since the processor is at the heart of your mobile experience, the processor you settle on is crucial.

To help you understand this, let us take a look at Samsung. The company has two variants of some of the phones they release. They use the Snapdragon and their own Exynos chipset. The Snapdragon chip is faster, but the Exynos chip is better at battery management. There are also differences in the quality of photos each takes.

The differences in processors create a difference in user experience despite the phone being the same. Therefore, pay attention to the chipset you choose. The chips also determine the cost of the price. Phones with higher power chips, the Snapdragon 888 and Density 1000+, will cost more than those running a Snapdragon 690 or Helio G70.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

The RAM of the phone is vital when making your decision. RAM determines the multitasking capability of the phone. RAM allows for several applications to run simultaneously without closing any. With enough RAM available, you can swipe back and forth between applications with ease. 

In the current market, you can get phones with as little as 2GB up to 16GB RAM. Your RAM preference should be according to your phone usage. You can survive on 4GB RAM if you do not use your phone often. 6GB RAM is the sweet spot if you use your phone often. 


What to Consider When Choosing an Android Phone

Where displays are concerned, there are three factors to consider. The size, type of display, and resolution. The size of the screen falls to a matter of preference. If you want a big screen, go for it. There are two types of displays available: LCD and AMOLED displays.

The best displays to go for are the AMOLED displays. OLED displays ( a variant of AMOLED) offer better contrast and darker colors. They display a ‘true black’ which is achieved by turning off the display for all the black pixels. This feature also helps reduce battery consumption.

There are several screen resolutions to choose from including Full HD, Full HD+ Quad HD. The resolution affects the quality of the image. However, the difference in resolutions is not that notable. Also, you can look at the refresh rates. A 90hz refresh rate phone feels smoother and more responsive. Check out one motorola razr+ 2023

Battery and Charging

As stated earlier, smartphones are becoming more integrated into our lives. Thanks to social media, online shopping, streaming platforms, and gaming we spend more time on our phones. It can be quite inconvenient to spend every 2 or 3 hours looking for an outlet to plug into.

Fortunately, most phones come with sensible battery life. However, you should make a point of getting a phone with a bigger battery if you are ever on your phone. Alternatively, you can get a phone with fast charging.

Fast charging will get your phone from zero to 50 in a short period. Some phones even charge to 100 in less than an hour. Therefore, find what works for you.

 Additional Features

Once you have the basics sorted, you can look at the additional features the phone comes with. These features will make your Android experience more enjoyable. The list of features includes:

    • Dual Band Wifi – This allows you to connect to different frequencies transmitted by routers
    • Dual sim capabilities
    • Fingerprint or face unlock – It will save you time compared to keying in your password
    • NFC- Allows your phone to act as a pass or credit card
    • Wireless charging 
    • Reverse Wireless Charging – Allows your device to wirelessly charge another phone or your gear
    • Stereo Speakers

These features will make your smartphone experience better. 


When selecting an Android phone, there are so many companies and phones to pick from. The best you can do is have a list of features you are not willing to compromise on. The list will narrow down your options to a few that fit your budget.

Consider your lifestyle when deciding on the phone. You do not need a flagship phone if you rarely have time to use it.

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