Friday, December 1, 2023

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Women Leaders


Ghaidaa Hetou

Ghaidaa Hetou


“I grew up with supportive and trusting male figures. From my dad and uncles to university mentors, the common denominator between all of them is that we mutually enjoyed discussing politics. I remember my first political chat was about the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, I was ten years old, and the interest and passion never ceased since then.”

“The best lesson I learned is that in business one is either learning or taking things personally, it is always better to learn from every experience and move on. Another lesson is that challenges can be opportunities and a start of a new growth period.”

Lexie Smith

“I created the THEPRBAR to establish a fun and inspiring brand that specializes in educating motivated entrepreneurs on how to expand their impact, influence, and revenue through PR”

“At the end of the day a lot of opportunities are born from our network...treat your network well, and success is bound to follow.”


How To Make Smart Hires In The Age of Remote Work


Chuen Chuen Yeo

"A leader cannot give what she does not have. For me to help others find the pathway to reach the impossible, I need first to have found it in myself. Growth begins with awareness and control of my thoughts, self-talk, or self-limiting beliefs. This is where the Re4 Coaching Model is applied – to help reshape thinking"

“Impossible is nothing! It’s all in the mind. As long as I examine the challenge from a different angle, break them down and tackle each part one at a time, always correcting my course as I go along, I’ll get on top of it..”

JLS Headshot

Janet Schijns

JSG specializes in creating impactful indirect go-to-market strategies for tech firms. We develop next-gen channel frameworks and deploy innovative growth strategies that go well beyond theory, delivering real-world results.


Kick-off your “better” business initiatives with a team meeting to celebrate and explain what social and environmental responsibility means for your company going forward. Entrepreneurs need their whole team to know that success now means more than just the bottom line.

5 Tips To Building A “Better” Business

-Sandra Ann Harris

Denise Sangster

“The journey has been filled with many surprises, twists and turns along the way. The most important thing I have learned is that change will happen every day, henceforth, everyone should keep looking over the horizon and be prepared for what is coming next.”

Beatriz Molero Sanchez

“ I have always been a strong advocate for Women in Science and Science through outreach events where I have volunteered for many years. A few examples include University of Calgary Science outreach events such as the Spooky Science event in Market Mall and the Hogwarts School of Chemistry. ”


Hey, what’s your password?

“If you're reluctant to share your password, or broadcast a team password in Slack in a group chat, your instincts are correct. But mocking those who 'do the wrong thing' is unlikely to help..”


“In Australia and around the world, failures in flood warnings can have devastating effects. But 'humanitarian engineering' may have the answer..”

Suzanne Huber

Suzanne Huber

“Confidence is everything. Too many women cut themselves short in this regard even when they are smart and talented. Aim to contribute value to your endeavors and as you experience some success in your career, the confidence and presence will eventually take care of itself”

Mia Saini Duchnowski

“For the generation of women behind me, I would say- Demand a seat at the table. The decisions are still being made by men (hiring, strategy, finance). Get a seat at the table. To do that, you have to put yourself in positions where you are the minority in terms of numbers. Also, you are the limiting factor in your success. Doubt is not a productive strategy. It’s better to invest in hope. If you don’t believe in yourself, should others?”


“In a digital age, and with unequal access to vaccines, there are considerable potential downsides to so-called 'vaccine passports'"

Double Dutch HR-92

Raissa De Haas

Our Dutch background gave us an innate love for quality drinks which united with our scientific training to produce a twin powerhouse of innovation and extremely good taste, adds Raissa. “All drinks are low in calories, made with natural ingredients, and are delicious whether drunk solo or paired with premium spirits.”

Corette Miller

“Like everyone, I want to retire, but that retirement must include my own continuous learning & development or give back in any way I can. To achieve these goals and establish a legacy I can be proud of; I believe in being open to feedback from my team with challenges and thoughtful questions that guide will me to build my life story. I love public speaking and sharing ‘stories. Full retirement isn’t what I strive for, I strive to tell my stories.”

Jill Button

“I’ve learned a great CEO must put their team out front. You need to inspire your team to achieve their greatest potential in turn fostering a committed and engaged team that goes above and beyond for your customers. Without a great team, a CEO is just a person sitting alone in a board room with his or her ego for the company.”

“Our children should no longer be taught formulaic writing. Writing education should encompass skills that go beyond the capacities of artificial intelligence.”


“We are only just beginning to understand the importance of this deep and hidden area of the inter-reef that supports a rich diversity of marine life...”.


“Given its environmental damage, tourism must seriously reconsider its purpose in a post-pandemic world..”