The idea of spending a great deal more time on the internet has risen over the last decade with intense technological development and improvements. We are now on the cusp of the metaverse becoming a useable reality, and yes, there is still some confusion as to what this term means and how we as consumers will benefit from our time on the metaverse, if at all. This article looks specifically at the metaverse and the expected changes that we will see in the realm of marketing.

What is the Metaverse

A number of well-known business owners and tech developers have been talking and discussing the metaverse for some time now and it is argued herein that the metaverse may be in the arrivals lounge and awaiting a warm welcome. The term refers to an engaging, interactive, and virtual reality led and based internet. So yes, the tech is here, but the exact iteration of the internet and Web3.0 is still a little bit of a confusing arena. Many people now swear by the fact that we will be living a more internet based and cloud-based existence in just a few short years. The following insights are based on the possible significant changes that we expect to see in the world of online and digital marketing.

How we Expect the Metaverse to Affect Your Business Marketing

There are few aspects of business marketing that will most definitely be affected by a wholesale move to the metaverse:


The ability to be found through organic searches that your possible clients and customers undertake will still be a feature of the metaverse. This will be compounded by the fact that there are expected to be a great deal more businesses and websites, games and an entire universe, so being found is going to be an issue that all businesses will need to think through. The process of Search engine optimization as discussed at provides some food for thought, in that many now debate if the search process and search engines used will be the same for the new version of the internet. However as aforenoted, it won’t really matter what changes happen, your clients and customers will still need to somehow find you in the new and improved internet. Many argue that there will be a virtual reality driven search or improved open source algorithms which will replace google as we move towards the internet of blockchains.

Embrace Digital

At the most basic, your business marketing will have to embrace the digital formats if it is going to survive in the metaverse. It is all about what your customers and clients are using, and the fact of the matter is that it will be digital and most likely smart as well. Therefore, all of your marketing strategies will need to take this into account and the business will need to move all of its marketing and advertising online.

The Future of Marketing in the Metaverse

As the metaverse becomes something more tangible and more real, there is likely to be a great deal of change and improvement. The main aspects that relate to marketing and advertising are mentioned below.


The metaverse is to be all about improved immersion and interaction and this is surely also going to affect the way marketing information is shared and accessed. There are those who believe that the ability to personalize content and market directly to an individual using chatbots and artificial intelligence is but a few pieces of code away from being a reality.

Creativity/very ‘out the box’ thinking

There are companies that have noted that in theory the metaverse will allow them to create virtual worlds where their clients and customers and potential buyers will be able to meet up with other like-minded shoppers and engage with the brand and its products in a totally virtual reality. This has already started to happen with the rise of the virtual fitting room and virtual city or museum tour. The main user of the metaverse and the tech therein is the Gen Z and millennial, and these age groups are known for their innovation and the ability to challenge the status quo. Expect the metaverse to be driven by this need for constant growth and change – expect a state of ongoing flux.


The metaverse is arguably going to be a marketer’s dream. Everything that it is arguably required by an effective marketing campaign is going to be the defining range of features of the metaverse. Integration, immersion and immediacy are all aspects of the new internet (metaverse) which will be driven by virtual and augmented reality – they are also the backbone of great marketing. It would seem that the metaverse and marketing are to be a marriage made in internet heaven.

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