It’s Friday evening and the weekend is about to descend. For many, that means a couple of days of relaxation and having fun, but it’s a very different story for those in the retail sector when Saturday and Sunday are the busiest days.

You are hoping that the innovation that you have invested a month ago in will continue to pay dividends in many ways. Your footfall was alright, but spending isn’t as high as you hoped for. Therefore, you needed to look for other ways to increase income, one of them being a bank ATM installation. You were prepared to try anything and this looked like a winner, but first of all you needed to know how about getting one for your store.

There was the option of buying or renting, with you preferring the strategy of long time investment when making a full purchase. Initially, you filed an application in a bank or Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) for an ATM installation containing all your personal details and those of your store. Once all the application had been scrutinised you were accepted and now had to get ready for the installation. At the same time you also looked into 5 ways that your retail business could benefit from sponsorships.

The most important factor of having an ATM inside any premises is security, which is why you were delighted to find that it would be carried out by a specialist logistics provider that understood all the specific requirements in logistics and sensitive materials as detailed by the banking sector.

The logistics firm that installed your ATM has over thirty-five years of experience under its belt, specialising in delivering logistical solutions of the highest quality. It has assisted clients in banking to relocate ATM’s along with data centre relocation and full technical installation, so you know that you’re in safe hands.

You enjoyed watching the process as the specialised and customised vehicle designed for the transport of such a high delicate high tech product arrived and a two person crew and vehicle was used throughout, ensuring consistency. The ATM was sealed in a cage on a safe pallet, and it was security tagged. Once on site the two employees, who were helpful and friendly throughout, ensured that your ATM was positioned safely and securely in the exact position that you required and had agreed upon in your application. All of which enticed you into booking a visit to a museum all about banks on your day off.

The advantages of having the ATM in your shop are already becoming evident. More people are entering your establishment, and you make money each time someone uses the machine. Satisfaction from existing customers has increased as they take advantage of the facility while it has given you the opportunity to put on some special offers to entice customers to spend once that they are inside.

The ATM has increased your revenue and footfall, thanks to the professionalism shown by a quality team in security led logistical services

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