Monday, May 29, 2023

Printing Companies,

"Why not make the work easier and more interesting so that people do not have to sweat?"

Ian Comishin, President, Twente Additive Manufacturing.

On the Cover

Ian Comishin

“What this pandemic has taught us is that, more than ever, we need solutions which minimize the environmental impact of human activity. With society becoming cognizant about the need for accessible housing, it is essential that governments and organizations continue to invest in sustainable construction.”

Dr. George Dimitroulis

"Our mission is to become the world leader in the development of exciting new surgical products and devices that will become game-changers in craniomaxillofacial surgery."

Dr. George Dimitroulis, Founder, OMX Solutions.


"Our goal is to further develop and digitally connect production technology, to make it even more efficient, precise, and future-proof."

Dr. Frank Abdi

"We take pride in tackling industry’s most complex problems. Our team of innovative engineers and scientists are equipped to provide clients with solutions to today’s problems and guidance to avoid tomorrow’s problems."

Dr. Frank Abdi, Founder & CTO, AlphaSTAR Corporation.

Gordon Styles

“Right now, we are undergoing the transition to industry 4.0. That means we will implement more automation, smart manufacturing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and other advanced systems to create an even more robust, responsive, and lean manufacturing system."

Amolak Badesha

“We are also looking to build technologies that can have a large net positive impact on the environment by not only making composites manufacturing low cost and thus driving broad adoption, but also reducing the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process itself.”

Amolak Badesha, Co-founder & COO, Orbital Composites.

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