OMX Solutions: Transforming lives through craniomaxillofacial surgery.

3D Printing


Craniomaxillofacial surgery is a special branch of orthopedic surgery that deals with deformities and complications of the head, skull, face, neck, jaws, and peripheral structures. Though there are various reasons one can suffer from craniomaxillofacial injuries, motor vehicle accidents and accidental falls are the main cause in the majority of cases. Thereby posing real challenges for the surgeons. In Australia alone, maxillofacial fractures are found to be the third most common trauma in falls in elderly citizens.

Even after years of intensive research, modern science has struggled to find a solution that would transform the way craniomaxillofacial surgeries are done. Having realized this, Dr. George Dimitroulis an Oral and MaxilloFacial surgeon came up with TMJ (Total Joint Replacement) System. As the TMJ system had the potential to transform lives, it had to be promoted extensively at the national and global level. With this sole purpose, Dr. Dimitroulis decided to launch OMX Solutions.

"Our mission is to become the world leader in the development of exciting new surgical products and devices that will become game-changers in craniomaxillofacial surgery."

What is OMX Solutions?

Established in January 2016, OMX Solutions is a leading brand known for its innovative and world-class craniomaxillofacial surgical devices. Headquartered in Melbourne Australia, OMX Solutions has significant expertise in the area of oral maxillofacial surgery and implantable solutions. To put it precisely, OMX Solutions is a truly 21st-century company that supplies innovative, print-to-order, customized medical devices for the specialized area of craniomaxillofacial surgery. OMX Solutions supplies the bespoke craniomaxillofacial medical devices to hospitals, doctors, and dentists. Dentists may include prosthodontists, periodontists, and oral surgeons. Doctors who practice in the craniomaxillofacial region include oral & maxillofacial surgeons, ENT surgeons, plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and head & neck surgeons. 

Started with just three employees, the intention was to manufacture and sell the new TMJ system. Fast forward to today, with more than 200 devices successfully delivered, OMX Solutions is changing the face of craniomaxillofacial surgery. With the help of a $650K accelerated commercialization grant from the federal government and a $1.3M seed round in January 2020, the OMX Solutions trajectory has been upwards. It continues to grow with eight employees, five Company Directors, and three engineering interns. With the appointment of an experienced General Manager in October 2017 and consolidation of domestic revenue growth and local partnerships, OMX Solutions is now preparing for global expansion into European and US markets as well as China.

The company’s culture has helped make it an industry leader. At OMX Solutions, everything is done based on a set of core values. The core values at OMX Solutions are identified as: Improve Healthcare through Digital Innovation, Develop Simple Solutions that Reduce Human Suffering, Entice Surgeons to new Products, Encourage Original Ideas, and Set the Benchmark that others will follow. 

“Our mission is to become the world leader in the development of exciting new surgical products and devices that will become game-changers in craniomaxillofacial surgery,” shares Mick Shaddock, Managing Director at OMX Solutions.

Dr. George Dimitroulis, Founder, OMX Solutions.
Dr. George Dimitroulis, Founder, OMX Solutions.

"Our reliance on digital technology means that we do not have to ‘re-tool’ our manufacturing process, so that any new product that emerges can be easily prototyped and tested, which speeds up the pathway to commercialization."

Driving the future of health 

As the company embraced the 3D printing digital revolution during its early days of inception, OMX Solutions quickly expanded its product range beyond TMJ prosthesis. They started offering a broader range of devices such as bio-models, surgical splints, guides, and 3D printed custom bone plates, which have proven to be a boon in craniomaxillofacial surgeries. Along with these products, high potential products like OsseoFrame and 3D printed total jaw replacement devices are currently approved for the market within Australia and New Zealand. With experience in digital design and an upper hand in advanced additive & subtractive manufacturing methods, OMX Solutions has the manufacturing capability of producing an unlimited range of medical devices. “Our reliance on digital technology means that we do not have to ‘re-tool’ our manufacturing process, so that any new product that emerges can be easily prototyped and tested, which speeds up the pathway to commercialization,” highlights Shaddock.

In conditions like osteoarthritis or other pathologies, where the jaw joint is replaced, the patients are often left with a jaw joint with a poor alignment which leads to restricted jaw functionality. OMX Solutions, with its digital design and specialized manufacturing techniques, has produced implants that fit the patient’s existing bone perfectly. To ensure that its implants work for each patient, OMX Solutions uses specialized computer simulation, known as silico models which can help identify any issues with the implant well in advance. Some of these simulations can help surgeons determine if the implant is structurally sound. With its 3D products, OMX Solutions has transfigured how jaw surgery is done with precision thereby giving the patient a perfect jaw alignment with completely normal functionality. To simulate the bone and implant as a unit, OMX Solutions uses computer modelling to ensure implants are able to withstand the forces of mastication. It uses additive manufacturing to produce implants that fit the jaw and match facial lineation. With made to order facial and jaw implants that improve surgical outcomes, and significantly reduce the number of surgeries required, OMX Solutions is certainly changing lives for better. “OMX Solutions aims to fully exploit the latest digital technologies in the design and manufacture of innovative medical devices that will make a real difference to the lives of countless people around the globe,” affirms Shaddock.

OMX Solutions has intentionally adopted a different approach rather than mass production like other players in the industry. “Our drivers are to address significant reconstructive surgical challenges in patients with limited bone stock,” says Shaddock. “These patients typically have morphologically very different needs that simply cannot be addressed by conventional devices or suppliers. We are totally committed to our area of expertise, quality and OMF surgical requirements.” The technical files, implant history, patient outcomes, R&D, support, training and user experience with their web portal interface propels them way ahead of their competitors. With world-class products and the latest technology, OMX Solutions is certainly ahead of the times.

Super-charged for future

OMX Solutions is an ace and market leader in the surgical device’s domain. With digital innovation and intensive research, it intends to maintain its lead in the market. Having been awarded the travel grant to attend the “Go to Market in the USA” program in Minnesota last October, OMX Solutions is ready to step into the US Markets. Its entry in the US markets can be a huge paradigm shift in the surgical devices industry. With an emphasis on business and operational excellence, OMX Solutions plans to go international. Having understood that customer satisfaction is the key, OMX Solutions intends to educate people about their products and extend their customer base. With breakthrough technology the world needs, OMX Solutions is certainly a global leader in the making.  

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