Friday, December 1, 2023

Solar Energy Companies, 2021.

“Renewable energy is no longer a niche fuel.”

On The Cover

Steve Melink

"Our mission is to change the world one building at a time by helping decision-makers implement energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions into their commercial facilities"

“We finance, develop and build utility-scale solar and storage projects across the country. By partnering with local communities, we drive economic growth, create jobs, and make a positive impact on the environment. Our projects connect to the existing utility grid, thus making large-scale access to renewable energy possible,” says Ben.

Clean Energy USA

“Our current tagline ‘Solar Made Easy’ is an ever-evolving statement as we explore new product lines and continue to evolve as a company. We continue to strive to provide the best experience for our customers and pulls from our parent’s companies mission of creating a culture of happiness.”

“Energy moves the world, created wars in the past and access to it defines who is rich and who is poor, what countries are developed, and which ones are not,” says Dr. Shawn Qu.

Mirasol Solar

“The wide array of products we sell, install and the level of customer service sets us apart. We develop innovative solutions for our customers’ energy needs”


"Our project portfolio includes both rooftop and ground mount systems for big-box retail, warehouse, and campus solutions. With our experienced team and extensive project portfolio, we can build a solar solution for every customer to meet any challenge."

Solar Energy Logo-01

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