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Solar Energy


Increased consumption of energy is a problem the world has been facing for decades. Having drawn attention globally, it has been worrying every nation what their energy future is going to be like and how it can be controlled. 

Having sensed the ever-increasing energy needs of the future world, Founders John Lambie and Scott Egglefield launched Mirasol Solar in collaboration to Southern Insulation Co. in 1977. A visionary decision in itself, it was a revolutionary move as the impact exploding population was going to have on the existing energy resources was beyond human understanding and had to be curbed. As the ’80s were near, preparing for the future was more than crucial. 

Since the launch of Mirasol, they have been working on creating solar products that would fulfill the energy needs of the future and also protect the ecological structure of the planet. For the last 44 years, Mirasol has been relentlessly working towards its goal of protecting nature by empowering people to harness the real unrealized potential of solar energy. Having taken the oath to preserve the beautiful world for coming generations Mirasol through its products, has been lighting up homes and enlightening people. “With an experience of 4 decades, Mirasol Solar is a leader in solar energy solutions for residential and commercial customers,” affirms Vice President and owner Scott Egglefield.

How did the solar revolution begin?

It all started when George W. Egglefield in 1959 created The Southern Insulation Co. It provided energy-saving alternatives for Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee Counties for 35 years. Having established itself as a leader in the energy conservation domain in 1977 Southern Insulation launched, with Mirasol, its first Solar Water Heating division. In 1987, FAFCO Solar, a leading manufacturer of solar pool heating panels approached Mirasol to collaborate with them as their exclusive distributor for a five-county area. In 2008 Mirasol was introduced to the number one solar electric provider in America, SunPower,  and became an Authorized Dealer and after a few years attained the status of Elite Dealer.  Mirasol is the only Elite SunPower Dealer on Florida’s West Coast and one of three in the state.  The company was known as Mirasol FAFCO Solar until 2021 when it was repositioned as Mirasol Solar. Today with 16,000 customers Mirasol offers additional products such as pool & spa automation, natural purifiers for pools, solar water heaters, pool cleaners, heat pump pool heaters, and gas pool heaters. It is located in Sarasota, FL.

“The wide array of products we sell, install and the level of customer service sets us apart. We develop innovative solutions for our customers’ energy needs”

Changing lives one product at a time

Known for the applicability and user-friendly nature of their products, Mirasol has always emphasized making their products more applicable. To make their products relevant to every generation, Mirasol has been innovating and adding a difference in its products for over 44 years now. Having a clear understanding of the DNA of solar products, Mirasol has developed the ability to gauge future needs.

Mirasol has always diversified its product range, with every product being an example of craftsmanship and visionary thinking. Aiming to dominate the market, Mirasol designs every product keeping in mind the current need and sensing the coming ones. “The wide array of products we sell, install and the level of customer service sets us apart. We develop innovative solutions for our customers’ energy needs,” adds Scott

Adapting to changing times

Being in the market for 62 years gives Mirasol the upper edge. However, Mirasol relies on product quality and innovation and not its tenure for maintaining its edge over its competitors. By offering only top-notch products which have been an example of class and efficacy, Mirasol has been trying to create an impact that would last for generations to come. Having been in the market for more than four decades, Mirasol has very closely seen the market and customer’s mindset change. Having evolved along with the changing times, Mirasol has adapted to every change, every era, its requirements and has successfully survived every phase of change other couldn’t. Packed with best-in-class features, every Mirasol product is developed to save customers money, stabilize their energy costs and enable the customer to live free from the worry of increasing power bills. “Our products are carefully selected to improve our customers’ quality of life while lowering their impact on the planet,” emphasizes Scott.

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Residential solar installation in Discovery Bay, CA

Customizing Solutions. Exceeding expectations

Having seen generations change, Mirasol has closely been in touch with their changing priorities too. As every generation demands something different, Mirasol has kept itself flexible to understand and cater to the needs of the current generation while preparing for the future ones. Guided by their experience, Mirasol has invested a lot of monetary and human efforts in understanding how the future energy needs are going to be and coming up with products that would be a perfect fit for it. A strong believer in preparing for the future, Mirasol very well knows that one size does not fit all and hence keeps their products customizable. With a versatile product range, Mirasol intends to penetrate deeper not only in the market but into the future too. “We strive to achieve excellence through superior workmanship and unmatched products. The desire to always exceed our customer’s expectations keeps us going,” says Damon Egglefield, President..

Creating Value

Having led many seemingly impossible projects to success, Mirasol has been paving its way to success and has been setting industry benchmarks. Known for its innovative and risk-taking work style, Mirasol considers every project as a learning experience with every complex and impossible-looking project that scares others only truly excites Mirasol. With every project having its own significance, Mirasol focuses not on the money but on the environmental gain the project would reap. 

In one example of a project a Nokomis, FL Home was looking for Residential Solar PV installations. Mirasol Solar took on the challenge and installed 19- SunPower 360-watt PV Electric Panels having an Annual Output of 12,233 kWh AC that gives 25-year Savings of $52,376. The project also turned out to be a boon to the environment: 5,311 trees planted, 482 barrels of oil not consumed, 43 vehicles taken off the road.

Testimonial: “Welcome to “Our Charming Solar Home.” We love the Florida lifestyle, close to the beach and lots of sunny days. When “Solar Dave,” told us that we could zero out our electric bill…we jumped at the chance. Mirasol Solar made it easy, no hassle, and very professional.”

In another example of a project in South East Venice, FL required Residential Solar PV Electric and Solar Pool Heating installation. Mirasol Solar installed 30-SunPower 360-watt PV Electric Panels and 7-Fafco 4 x 12 Sunsaver Panels for the pool. The total annual output of this project is 21,265 kWh AC and gives 25-year Savings of $84,280. Along with several benefits for the Earth: 9,418 trees planted, 861 barrels of oil not consumed, 79 vehicles taken off the road.

Testimonial: “We Are Enjoying The Best of Both Worlds. We wanted to eliminate our electric bill and enjoy the Florida Lifestyle. The pool area is always the most expensive room in the house, and we wanted to use it as much as possible. Mirasol Solar installed the “Total Package” for us. It included a Solar PV Electric System and an Automatic Solar Pool Heating System. The electric bill is zero, and the pool is amazing now, so much more enjoyable than before!”

The growing energy load on the planet is beyond what we can measure. From innovating products to customer education programs to planting hundreds and thousands of trees, Mirasol has done and is doing everything it can to help preserve the environment while meeting energy needs. Looking towards a beautiful future, Mirasol aims to be a market leader that enriches lives and contributes to the world. “We see ourselves growing in both residential and commercial markets in Florida. We are ready to take on an even larger role in providing solar here and beyond,” says Damon.

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