Scientists have been working around the clock in order to unveil the secrets of life. These efforts are being made in an attempt to slow down the natural aging process of human bodies. The experimental combination of new drugs may possibly be the lightning-bolt in the dark. This combination anti-aging drugs have been found to rejuvenate the body’s natural immune system by slowing down the aging progression. These advances in medicine give hope to the middle aged as well as elderly. The tests declare that the drugs might be useful in combating respiratory problems such as flu, influenza, pneumonia and half a dozen other infections that appear as a consequence of growing old.

Hold on: Still under testing

The tests involved a group of 264 volunteers aged 65 and older grouped into sets of four. Three of the groups were given different concentration doses of either RAD001 or BEZ235, two TORC1 inhibitors, and the remaining last set was given low doses of both compounds. After six weeks of administration of these combination drugs, the groups were analyzed for infections after a year. It was observed that all the groups on the medication showed lower frequency (reduction by 40%) of infection rather than the fourth group which was given placebo.

The two drugs used RAD001 and BEZ235 in separate studies have been found to battle cancer and organ transplant rejection. Both the drugs in combination TORCI inhibitor were found to boost the immune system by reviving the linked cellular pathway and various other biological functions. Previously a similar drug, rapamycin, was also discovered which had similar kind of effects on lab mice. But it use was scrapped due to safety concerns.

Aubrey de Grey, an aging researcher at the SENS Research Foundation said that “perhaps the most exciting aspect of the results is that the protection lasted for the duration of the study, namely a year, even though the drug was only given for the first six weeks.”

The finding is a new milestone in the field of anti-aging science. At the same time it still requires in-depth investigation in order to avoid misleading results, verify the safety of the drugs, identify longevity of drugs benefits and understand the mechanism leading to fewer infections. These drugs are especially beneficial to older people who are more susceptible to infections due to weaker immune system who are unable to generate strong responses to administered vaccinations.

Researchers are optimistic that the study will lead to development of new anti-aging treatments. It is possible that further research with this same combination of drugs or similar combinations will lead to a possibility of addressing multiple chronic diseases because these drugs have been shown to affect the process of aging itself,” says Felipe Sierra director of the division of aging biology at the National Institute on Aging. And understand the phenomenon of – growing up. This study is the first step to suggest we may be able to target some of the fundamental pathways contributing to aging to promote healthy aging, including healthy immune function, in older people,” she continued.

The study will be further continued on people falling in age group of over 85 years of age. It is an extremely exciting experiment as it will help in determining what will be the effect of this drug on a group of older people. With further improvement in testing protocols asthma, diabetes or heart failure could be treated with these wonder drugs.

Science: 1, Nature: 0

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