Although online marketing is popular now, outdoor advertising retains its charm and value. Brands and startups realize the significance of making themselves visible outdoors, so they are willing to go the extra mile with these campaigns. Businesses looking to enter a new market or consolidate their position as a leader must create a successful outdoor campaign. However, succeeding with them takes more than running a few billboards and banners and hoping for the best. You need to perfect the elements of your campaigns to maximize potential audience impact with greater visibility and outreach. Let us share some surefire tips to boost engagement with outdoor advertising.

Get the placement right

With outdoor advertising, reaching the audience where they are is the key to success. Getting the placement for your signage right is about putting it where your target audience can see it. You need not be a genius to match your billboard place with the market and audience. For example, you must showcase your toy brand near a playground, a retail offering on a busy street, and a B2B service in a corporate area.

Optimize the campaign timelines

The timing of your promotions can influence your outdoor campaign’s success. A visibility-driven campaign is ideal for reaching audiences in the consideration phase. Try to reach them without intrusion when they are likely to check your ads effortlessly, like walking down the street. Likewise, you can invest in strategies to increase visibility to the potential buyers in the purchase intent phase when they are at point-of-sale and ready to buy. Seasonality is another factor that plays a major role.

Leverage digital signage

Leveraging technology is another quick-win strategy for winning the outdoor advertising game. Think beyond the static formats, and invest in outdoor digital signage for your campaigns. The format is more eye-catching and lets you display multiple messages on a single banner or billboard. But ensure picking the right solutions with good visibility outdoors. Factors like decreasing energy costs and reducing eye strain also matter.

Showcase the right message

Messaging is perhaps the most significant element of outdoor campaigns because it engages the audience the most. The right message can cut through the noise and get attention to your brand and product. Create one according to the campaign’s goal, but ensure it is relevant. Anything that solves a problem for your audience wins on the relevance front. Also, a clear, concise, and straightforward message with a call to action tends to work best. But you can do a bit of storytelling through digital signage.

Get brownie points with the creative

Although simplicity is the overriding principle for outdoor advertising, you can get brownie points with the creative. Since this element drives engagement, it does the heavy lifting for the campaigns. Essentially, the creative should align with your brand yet connect with the target audience. Most importantly, it should exhibit a good balance of the copy, imagery, and white space to ensure design breathability and attention. Engaging imagery does the trick for highlighting the message further.

Outdoor advertising is more than plastering your ads on banners and billboards. It requires a well-planned and executed approach with careful attention to location, timing, technology, messaging, and creativity. Although it sounds complicated, following these tips can help.

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