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First-of-its-kind Futuristic and Immersive Cloud Platform

We are in an era of intelligent cloud1. Several low code/no code and serverless cloud services have been abstracting layers of tech stack making it easier to develop high-performing applications with minimal effort. While application development is moving towards adopting intelligent & intuitive cloud services, cloud interfaces must evolve too accordingly.

TotalCloud Inc. was born out of this novel idea that cloud interfaces must be intelligent and resonate with innate preference of a human mind. Imagine the likes of a 3D interface to resolve real-time traffic woes or using Alexa to update your shopping cart.

Cloud computing involves managing an intricate bunch of hundreds of services working together. A business cannot just host the applications on the cloud and ignore. It requires optimization of cloud services, and up-keeping of its cost, security, and compliance continually.

Currently, majority of cloud users sift through multiple dashboards, scout through tons of tabular data or build graphs using GraphQL coding to understand and optimize cloud resources. This approach is effort intensive and time consuming.

Each cloud service have their idiosyncrasies that can be analyzed and acted upon, like in a RTS game. TotalCloud is using the same principles behind decision making in RTS games to address the dynamicity and idiosyncrasies of cloud computing. The gamified immersive cloud platform displays a business’ entire cloud services as individual entities in a methodical fashion. These entities are rendered in 3D space on a single pane. This helps a cloud user understand their cloud services’ usage 100X faster than current approaches at any point in time.

Ideal for people who manage and monitor cloud services at various levels (like DevOps engineer monitoring cloud resources, DevOps Lead looking to optimize cost, DevSecOps looking into cloud security issues, CXO understanding cloud usage across teams, etc.), TotalCloud assists them quickly visualize, analyze, comprehend and act right on cloud services intuitively & intelligently.

Walnut, USA-based TotalCloud was founded in September 2016. Currently, it has 800 users on the platform and is a Standard Technology Partner with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Logo of TotalCloud Inc.
"Cloud management and monitoring has been always perceived as a arduous task, for a very long time. It need not be. Managing cloud resources becomes easy and intuitive when there is visual and voice support that are closer to human mind. With such a solution anyone should be able to manage cloud services in seconds rather than hours, and build fault-tolerant apps even without deep expertise," says CEO Pardeep Kumar.

Drawing a Parallel Between RTS Games and Cloud Computing

Pradeep has been an ardent fan of Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. After extensively working on cloud services and understanding its underlying complexities, he could draw a parallel between decision making (strategy, tactics & micromanagement) in RTS games and solving today’s cloud management woes. So, he sought to turn his passion for these games into an ingenious cloud visibility platform that helps accelerate cloud management and monitoring tasks. Prior to founding TotalCloud, he founded, architected and led, a SaaS-based application that energized bus operations in India.

Pradeep Kumar, CEO

The Larger Cloud Problem and the Role of a Game Changer

In the cloud world, resources scale up and down continuously, on demand. As a business scales on the cloud and as resource usage increases, managing and optimizing the resources gets challenging. Because there are hundreds of data points to map, several metrics to track, dozones of tasks to automate, handful of resources to manage & optimize, etc. In such a dynamic environment, human errors are bound to happen leading to engineering problems. And in the cloud world, every engineering problem either leads to vulnerabilities or cost spikes.

This dynamicity also coerces a business to lose visibility into its own cloud usage. The bigger challenge is to track, manage and take action on resources residing in a very dynamic environment from multiple touch points, like dashboards, logs, etc. Having quick and easy-to-comprehend contextual data at hand that a human mind can relate on an immersive display provides end-to-end cloud visibility. TotalCloud does just that with its exclusive visual interface.

TotalCloud provides this unique interactive interface that helps adopt cloud services better. It not only provides visibility into entire cloud resource usage in totality, but also helps unearth and resolve several cloud monitoring and management problems, which present-day cloud platforms lack. It’s a game changer.

Getting the Right Data at the Right Time, With Minimal Effort

TotalCloud’s entire architecture is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. It uses Unity3D gaming platform to bring the cloud assets alive on a console. To provide a seamless real-time experience to a user, it banks on a lot of websockets instead of plain http calls to communicate between a server and a client UI.

The USP of the platform is providing a cloud user with right contextual information at fastening speed, from a single place. The platform has some unique features that no one else in the cloud computing industry offers, such as:

-> Logical topology visualization of entire cloud resources in 3D space: This helps human mind to quickly understand complex infrastructure in a snap.

-> Display of correlation between cloud resources at a glance: This helps cloud engineers contextual monitor & debug issues faster, while CXOs can understand cloud usage across teams and projects with less effort.

-> Cost analysis with colour codes: This provides quick understanding of spend at multiple levels right from bird’s eye level to each resource level.

-> Security view: This helps quickly spot vulnerabilities at multiple levels right from top level to granularity.

Currently, TotalCloud’s service supports only AWS. In the near future, it will support multi-cloud services like GCP and Azure as well.

Opening New Avenues in Humanless Cloud Computing

TotalCloud was born with a vision to democratize cloud usage. With its plans to implement voice support and behavioral-AI, TotalCloud has opened new avenues in humanless cloud performance management. Few features in the product roadmap are:

-> Voice and Chat enabled virtual cloud assistant that can make intelligent cloud management decisions on behalf of the user.
-> Cloud Graph, a proprietary tree-based auto service discovery platform for seamless multi-cloud management.

-> Cloud Builder that enables architects to build their ideal architecture on cloud with drag and drop facility and make the entire architecture live in minutes

All these features will be integrated with an intelligent behavioural-AI based watchdog service. Above all, the platform aims to abstract orchestrating cloud resources and will be self-sustaining and can manage on its own with minimal human intervention, just like a virtual cloud engineer.

A Growth Centric Model

In an era marked by modernisation and innovations, TotalCloud is committed to creativity. In the near future, you can expect to see TotalCloud working on expanding their experimental spectrum, implementing handy features, employment of new technologies in accordance with the rapidly evolving market to deliver features none of their competitors can.

'The idea is that cloud computing must be so easy that even a product manager can just talk to Amazon Alexa to build a fully functional mobile app on cloud, without even a tap or a single mouse click'

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