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Target Integration

Best-in-class for ERP & CRM implementation solutions

Are you looking for streamlined processes, long-lasting customer relationships, improved productivity and the ability to scale up your business?

Target Integration specialize in automating business process using innovative technical solutions. They provide web based business management applications, mainly CRM & ERP systems. The organization empowers business owners and managers looking to grow their business, by providing them with business insights so they can leverage to make better, clearer and more concise business decisions. The firm approaches every client’s business as their own, aligns their incentives with the clients objectives and collaborates with them to unlock the full potential of their businesses.

Target Integration has three development offices- UK, Ireland and India. In India, they are functioning in four cities, Gurgaon, Pune, Mumbai and Gujrat. Their team consist of around 100+ members and an expert group for ERP & CRM execution. They have built deep and enjoyable relationships with around 421 customers worldwide.

Target Integration, covers every type of business, be it small-scale, medium-scale or large-scale business. Generally large-scale businesses, are provided ERP solutions, while in case of small or medium-sized business, CRM solutions are offered. In the past they have served various businesses in the arena of Manufacturing, Jewellery, Real Estate, Education etc. and aims to cover various other sectors in the future.

"We have the capabilities and experience to deliver answers you need to move your business forward"

Rohit Thakral, CEO

“Captain on deck!”

Rohit started Target Integration in 2008 with a vision to be a honest and independent CRM & ERP Company. Rohit has 16 years of experience working in various industries including manufacturing, customer services, repair, telecom etc. His experience includes management, business planning, systems administration, business analysis and systems training. He has worked on some of the biggest CRM/ERP implementations at Target Integration. 
He did his post-graduation from Dublin Institute of Technology in Computer Science. Before starting Target Integration, Rohit was working as Product Manager for UPC Ireland which is now Virgin Media, Product Specialist in Data Edge providing telecom test equipment and Field Customer Services Rep for HP.

Rohit Thakral, Founder & CEO

Goods across the entire range

Target integration works to introduce new structures, implement new management practices, paradigm shifts, strategic and tactical changes. They do this by constantly enrolling new updates, services and technologies available in their products. Their range varies from CRM for Sales Pipeline Management, Helpdesk Management System, Supply Chain Management System, to CRM for Membership Management. When it comes to products, they offer custom Microsoft Suite, Zoho Suite, Gsuite, Odoo ERP, VTiger CRM, CloudYogi CRM solutions. Each of their products and services is unique and targets the various sectors of a client’s business. The CRM-ERP execution team ensures that services are implemented pretty well to make them fool-proof.

Committed to Commitment

With the motto-’Happy customers’, Target Integration believes in working diligently to empower businesses by finding areas which lacks perfection and accordingly design out the most profitable solution. They take pride in providing exceptional service from start to finish, and are laser focused on quality and value, no exceptions. The firm expresses its pledge to -serve patrons with best and 

"When we first set out on this task, I did not think there was a system out there that was able to do survey, do accounts, perform customer management and track and trace stock. To have all these modules on Odoo through Target Integration was simply amazing for me as a finance manager

Vincet Murray
Commercial & Financial Manager, Royal

nothing else- as their USP. Once dedicated to a project, they become a partner and not a vendor. With level of ethics so high, they work side by side with their customers to help them succeed. Which they do by offering unbiased advice and informed decisions. They recommend what their customers need and not what products they sell. ‘If we think we don’t have a solution for you, we happily recommend others’

Target oriented future

As the nature of the business is volatile, it demands one to be on their toes at all times. In the future, Target Integration plans to partner with many other big names in the industry to deliver bestquality and up-to-date technologies. Their products will remain in tune with the ever changing demands of the industry.

"We discovered improved coordination among our individual departments at every step. This is truly quality software that has economically and efficiently contoured our management system, controlling and managing contractor's and vendor records. We have also benefitted a lot by keeping track of our product samples

Arun Kumar
Director, Design Well

" We were working with another partner before we were working with Target Integration. Target Integration helped us go live with our ERP system within 3 months of taking the project, while the other partner had us waiting for one full year

Jonathan Wiles
Managing Director, Strata Tiles

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