Sunday, September 24, 2023

Revolutionizing the way people shop using AR

As an industry, virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) is bursting with potential. The newest AR/VR innovations are utility-centric. Everything from real estate to health care to even non-profits organizations is benefitting from this technology. With a new generation of consumers (i.e. Millennials), new approaches to sales are vital to keeping one’s business in step with time. Augmented reality is already reshaping classic retail as a way to facilitate online as well as brick and mortar shopping experiences.

Every time I go shopping, I spend a lot of time in trying out different options and asking my friends over WhatsApp on what looks best on me. I realized there exists an immense potential for AR/VR, fashion advice and personal styling services aiding an average person through frequent fashion dilemmas.

I envision a platform that forms a layer over current e-commerce platforms enabling customers to have a great experience leading to quicker checkouts.

Meghna Saraogi,Founder & CEO

The curious case of StyleDotMe

meghna Saraogi

A graphic designer by profession; Meghna had come up with the idea, built the first version of the product, demonstrated traction and even raised small ticket funding. Meghna has an eye for great design and as a result, concentrates on building a great product.

Founder & CEO

Unlike other platforms in the market where one has to put a credit card on the face for measurement or manually position the jewelry themselves, StyleDotMe’s AR tech works automatically in real-time. Anyone else working in the similar space is not working in real time and the typical instruction based experience is very non-intuitive and cumbersome to use. On the other hand, StyleDotMe app was made live only after an extensive study with customers to make the experience as seamless as possible. This passion for enhancing the customer experience is what differentiates the firm from its competitors.

Moreover, the users are able to try products on themselves in real time using augmented reality and then decide with the help of inputs from fashion experts about how the product looks on them. This enables customers to try out products quickly and make more informed decisions about the product that they are purchasing.

Innovation, Creativity and Fun

StyleDotMe is a fashion tech company that not only lets users virtually try-on products. The app allows the users to get getting instant fashion advice from experts around the world. Oh Yes! Through their platform users can see themselves in products without actually wearing it through and get instant fashion advice from their friends as well experts around the world.
The experience is quick and in real time. Whether it is an outfit choice you’re confused about or if you’re having an SOS moment while shopping all you need is StyleDotMe app. The one and only personalized fashion community offer:
• Instant Polls: The app allows users to instantly polltheir friends and followers and get them to help one choose an outfit or look, by voting for their options.
• Expert Fashion Advice: Styledotme also has a panel of fashion bloggers and stylists who will give instant advice to the users when they find a post with a live timer.

Beating all odds

Making shopping a fascinating and engaging experience is an inspiration. But achieving the same is not as easy as it sounds. Besides hiring a diverse set of people and building a conducive work environment, the firm battled its way up through other challenges like:

• Customer acceptance: Currently, almost all easy to use and intuitive AR/VR applications are very costly. Therefore making it hard to reach customers in an economically friendly way.

• Hardware limitations: Augmented reality technology cannot be compressed enough to be fit in ordinary glasses. Virtual reality setups are very bulky to use along with requiring a lot of setup from the user side. Making any kind of such special hardware installation or maintenance is a big issue.

• Privacy and Legal: AR/VR applications are heavily scrutinized due to the collecting of data. AR/VR applications contain user’s face data or information about their location, usage behavior, etc. Building an app adhering to all privacy and legal rules is a big challenge.

• Inventory: One of the major bottlenecks of growth in the retail industry (especially in fine jewelry) is inventory. For reference, one of their clients - PC Jewelers - has over a billion dollars in revenue and about half a billion dollars worth of inventory sitting across their stores.

StyleDotMe AR solution allows retailers to digitally showcase their entire collection of products without worrying about the capital and operational cost associated with holding inventory. Besides optimizing inventory, retailers can aggressively expand geographically by opening zero inventory stores to significantly increase offline customer experience touchpoints.

Fashion forward

Technology is going to play a major role in enhancing the shopping experience for customers and the retail industry in general. After working on real-time AR for jewelry, StyleDotMe is now working towards expanding into other domains like makeup, eyewear, and apparels. StyleDotMe seeks to leverage augmented reality technology and behavioral analytics to build a one-stop fashion platform to discover, try and shop. In a world with a trillion options, they want to empower people to shop smarter and better.

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