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24 World

One stop solution for all digital ventures

In the hyper-connected digital world of unending competition being web accessible is an essential necessity.  In the modern age, it is proved that digital marketing is a great tool which lets you promote your products or services to the global market, reach global organizational rules and also provides the opportunity to establish significantly more engaged communication channels with the consumers.

24 World is a technology agency working on digital areas of implementation. 24 World has positioned itself as an innovative leader which enables its clients and brands to grow through digital communications and technology. Their partnering approach adds Strategy, Creativity, Visualization, Ecommerce, Web Development and Online Marketing skills for their partners so they can concentrate on their core business. They are committed to serve their clients and business so as to own their market niche by making incessant efforts to make leads, more customers and more revenue. 

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"We believe completely in systems and human resource. Founder or Leader’s job is to set the bar and establish an effective platform from where individuals can thrive and progress further"
Muhammad Rahimtoola
Executive Director

24 World has been in business for the past seven years in the technology and IT industry. It is based in Karachi with a specialist team of 15-20. They also have satellite teams working at project and client desks who consistently delivers results combining creative ideas with extensive experience. Professionals at 24 World come from varied backgrounds and are laden with expertise in core programming, security systems, gaming, creative, advertising, media, marketing and management. 24 World's team have full-size collaborations with leading media houses, distribution networks, financial institutions and publications.

They have committed to serve all businesses, irrespective of their size and helps them in developing strategies to achieve their goals without causing budget stress. With their motto--'Communication knows no barriers'-- they put all of their technological expertise in customizing digital solutions to meet their client's requirements. They understand that different businesses have different needs and requirements. Recently 24 World launched a publications wing, and its first creation ‘ScoreLine’- a sports genre product is being published as a bi-monthly magazine and also features a digital portal.

Photo of CEO of 24 World

Muhammad Rahimtoola

Executive Director

Products and services offered:

24 World’s senior management and technical team has precise qualifications, industry experience, dynamo, energy to manage:

1.) E-Commerce: Their e-commerce client-base includes a list of distinguished banks, insurance companies, fashion gurus and many more distinguished clients.

2.) Mobile Application Development: 24 World is involved with small and large businesses and reach out to their customers at the most predictable of places.

3.) Game Design: Their team has expertise in the field of Game Design. They develop multi-platform games that fit the goals of a brand or organization. Be it a digital game, board game or a pervasive game.

4.) Digital Marketing: Offline campaign planning, PPC management, email list management and audience targeting are some of the services 24 World focuses on.

5.) Content Distribution: Being a YouTube verified partner and a reliable content distribution network 24 World offers publishers effective delivery channels. They also provide aid in order to improve direct website traffic, improve brand buzz and SEO.

6.) Social Media Marketing: Marketing professionals at 24 World create a well thought-out plan after understanding your audience and then share, engage and grow your reach using social media platforms.

Achievements galore


Pakistan's first complete Urdu portal presence for corporate Life Insurance (EFU Life, EFU Family Takaful, EFU Primus)


Listed among top 25 mobility solution providers in Asia Pacific


First Interactive Needs Analysis Tool for Life Insurance (Jubilee Life Needs Station)


Launch of the first corporate Life Insurance Application in Pakistan (EFU Life PlanIT)


Launch of one of the first banking applications in Pakistan (UBL Netbanking)


Pakistan Web Awards

At 24 World, the quality of their project delivery is far more important than the quantity of projects delivered. Their goal is to achieve client contentment through quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness. To ensure the delivery of a quality project the team at 24 World focuses on regular testing, coordination and communication as a measure to their quality management and assurance ethics. They understands that nearly every individual and organization wants 'MORE': more website traffic, more social media followers, more leads, more publishing  and more sales. 24 World's technical team thus approaches every project with care so as to achieve maximum marketing and alignment of sales. 24 World’s team specializes in understanding their customers journey from awareness to consideration to purchase. Its online marketing approach works by making one easy to find, offer engaging experience and finally prompt an action – from joining your social network community to buying your product to referring your brand to peers. They are so effective that by the time you hear from a prospect, they are often simply looking to place an order.

24 World's approach to success

Moving towards a brighter future

In order to achieve pioneering status in the digital sector, 24 World continues to invest in unique products. It continually finds better ways of improving development strategies, continuous research, talent innovation, plan execution and products/services delivery. Since nobody starts big, 24 World strives to support start-ups by providing robust technical support so as to ensure that all partnerships are a WIN-WIN scenario. As 24 World is 100% ROI oriented, they focus on results and quality of their products/services and continue to invest in exciting products.

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