According to statistics, about 80% of businesses have their website today, with business analysts expecting those numbers to grow in the future. A website helps a company expand its market reach, attract more customers, increase brand presence, generate leads, and make its products available online.

However, merely having a website doesn’t work, for it should be appealing, functional, interactive, and impress users quickly. To achieve those objectives, you need to hire web developers and experts in creating and maintaining websites and ensuring their optimum performance.

Rather than hiring an in-house team, requiring you to spend money on recruiting and training them, you might consider hiring offshore web developers that will create a website based on your requirements and exceed your expectations with the results.

Many companies today prefer outsourcing their web development projects rather than handling them in-house. Several benefits are attached to this strategy, including lower costs, better results, and access to various services.

To hire an offshore web development team, you must contact an outsourcing company specializing in building such teams and give you the required services. But before doing that, here’s some more information on the topic.

Reasons to hire offshore web developers

Lower costs

One reason behind companies hiring offshore web developers is the reduced costs. The cost of hiring a local team is about 75% more compared to hiring an offshore one. You can spend the saved money on other parts of your business which require more focus and attention.

Wide variety of services

The second reason is the variety of services. A local development team might specialize in a limited number of skills, as opposed to an outsourced one that lets you benefit from a wide variety of services and skills, for example, SQL, javascript, python, Delphi, Perl, and C++.

Faster results

You will get results in a shorter time with offshore development teams. Most work within a strict deadline and are obliged to complete a project within the specified time, resulting in a faster turnaround time.


Scalability is a good reason to prefer an offshore team over a local one. Your website will have changing requirements as your business grows. For example, it will attract more customers, handle increased traffic, and handle larger transactions.

Or, you might have to scale down the range of operations because of financial constraints. Either way, you can rely on outsourced developers to match your requirements.

How to hire an offshore team?

Outsourcing companies that are experts in full-time offshore staffing services can help you find talented and experienced web development offshore teams consisting of front-end web developers, back-end programmers, and full-stack engineers.

Home vs office based team

You can choose to have a home or office-based team, each with distinct advantages. For example, a home-based development team is suitable for one to 10 staff and is cost-effective as you won’t have to pay the office expenses.

An office-based team is suitable for two to 100 staff. Even though there are office costs involved, you get additional benefits like improved data security, better team collaboration, and access to meeting rooms, all of which combine to enhance the quality of work.

Kinds of developers you can hire

You can hire different types of developers through a specialist outsourcing company, including integration, application, development, web, software and consultant.

If you require programmers with skills in various programming languages, you can also do that while choosing from options such as Java, PHP, Python, NET, HTML, Perl, C and Delphi.

Hiring an offshore web development team has several advantages, including cost-effectiveness and access to a wide range of services. A company specializing in building offshore teams will help you find one that meets your expectations.

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