Launching an international business requires much more than passion, commitment, and dedication. It is also about making the right choices, specifically about the business idea and destination. In fact, the apt destination can give you a great start, so you must be extra conscious about the decision. Italy is one of the favorite venues for forward-thinking entrepreneurs as it has a lucrative market rife with opportunity. The Italian investor visa is another reason that attracts business owners from everywhere. According to immigration professionals at Bersani Law Firm, it is the ideal option to launch an international business. Here are some quick hacks they share about leveraging it to your advantage.

Decide your investment capacity beforehand

Since the investor visa is mainly about investment, you must decide your funding capacity before proceeding with the application. Including it in the strategic financial planning for your global venture enables you to choose wisely. Fortunately, the immigration option has multiple investment alternatives, with the minimum starting at €250,000 instead of millions. So it is within the reach and budget of most entrepreneurs.

Be ready with your paperwork

Another quick hack to get a head start with the Italian investor visa process is to be ready with your paperwork. Although you need not bring your funds until completing the process, you must have proof in the form of bank statements. It is the foremost requirement to apply for the certificate of no impediment (nulla osta). Having the documents ready enables you to apply at the earliest and proceed with the investor visa application at your local consulate.

Have a business expansion plan in place

A business expansion plan is the best way to start and grow sooner than later. You can launch your venture after getting your residence permit and depositing the committed funds. But remember that the opportunity to grow globally is much bigger than you imagine with an Italian residence. You can travel to the EU markets without visa hassles and get your venture a global presence.

Know the facts about family immigration

An Italian investor visa is a quick family immigration option too. You need not worry about investing a separate amount for each of your dependents to bring them along. Just showing your financial capacity to support them during their stay in Italy is enough to fulfill your family’s immigration goal. You can start life afresh while running a business in the country, and your loved ones get all the benefits of Italian residency.

Seek expert guidance on citizenship

Starting a business abroad means you expect to stay in the country for good. Luckily, the  Italian investor visa sets you up for citizenship by naturalization after completing a decade in the country. You only have to hold the original investment and renew permits according to the immigration laws. It is best to seek expert guidance on citizenship to prevent errors and omissions during the process.

Launching an international business in Italy is a breeze, thanks to the investor visa process. You can go the extra mile with expansion and long-term growth with these quick hacks.

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