Accidents are the most unfortunate things that can happen to anybody. Besides the physical pain and suffering, you also have to face property damage, medical expenses, and sometimes a lawsuit.

A recent news article reported a multi-vehicle crash on Miramar Highway in San Diego. If you have been in a car accident in San Diego, CA, you will probably have to hire a lawyer. A car accident lawyer San Diego can help you recover damages.

Here are five of the essential questions to ask your car accident attorney in San Diego before hiring them.

How Much Do Their Services Cost?

It may seem like an obvious question for many people, but not all lawyers give a straight answer. Beware of any lawyer who tries to surprise you with unexpected costs after the case is over. If you do not get a clear answer about the cost of their services at the outset, you should find another attorney.

The charges for a car accident lawyer include a contingency fee, which means the lawyer will only be paid if you win. It can lower legal costs significantly for those injured in a car accident and are not at fault. The time to resolve a case also affects the total cost of hiring a car accident attorney and the market rates of similar cases.

Different cases are specified for other insurance policy limits, affecting the total cost. Make sure your attorney explains the fees clearly before moving forward with any agreement.

Do The Lawyers Have Experience in Handling Car Accident Cases?

An auto accident attorney in San Diego works with all kinds of car accident claims. If this is a new claim for the lawyer you are working with, it is most likely that your case will take more time and effort than expected.

It would be best to ask how many cases like yours the attorney has taken on before. If you have a type of accident that is less common, make sure your attorney is experienced enough to handle this situation. An expert car accident lawyer in San Diego should have worked in different accident cases, such as:

    • Car accidents, including rear-end collisions and sideswipes.

    • Truck accidents, including those resulting from low bridges.

    • Motorcycle accidents can be incredibly complex to handle due to the vulnerability of the riders.

    • Pedestrian accidents can cause severe injury or wrongful death.

How Long Will The Case Take to Resolve?

The time it takes to resolve a case varies depending on the nature of your claims. It would be a great idea to hire an attorney and know how long cases have taken to complete, what to expect and how to move forward.

A car accident case takes around three to five years from start to finish, but this period can vary. For example, a personal injury attorney in San Diego handles car accident claims that involve a criminal offense such as DUI. In these cases, the court process is far more complicated, and the time it takes to resolve can be much longer.

Are there any cases for reference?

Car accident attorneys in San Diego regularly post summaries of their cases online. You should find them in the profiles section of their websites. Look for examples similar to your case and ask about what role the attorney took on them. If you are happy with the outcome, look at how much it would cost to hire this lawyer for your situation. If you have more questions about car accidents in San Diego, visit Jurewitz Law Group.

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