Thailand is the land of smiles. It has been called this for a reason. Unlike so many other countries around the world, Thailand is famous for how it treats its visitors. When one visits the country, they are instantly made feel welcome. Each passing person on the small narrow streets will greet you with a smile and a courteous bow. You cannot help but feel like you belong there. Hospitality is one thing, food is another. Thai cuisine is famous all over the world. From curries to noodle dishes, there is a broad range of flavours and textures that you will come across if eating out. Next, the weather. There are few places in the world like Thailand. The dry season occurs from February to March, and the monsoon season lasts over the summer months. This means that there is a climate for everyone, at any given time of the year. It is for these reasons that Thailand has become one of the most highly sought-after destinations in the world. Here are some popular destinations that holiday goers choose to visit.

Koh Samui

There are many Luxury villas for sale in Koh Samui, for this reason, it has become known as a luxury destination. Besides the stunning landscape, there is much to do here. The blue waters make for the perfect diving destination. You can book a half-day or a full-day tour with many providers. You can snorkel or scuba dive to see different species of fish and an abundance of living coral. Just be sure not to step on it! To add to this, there is a national marine park just off the coast that you can get to by boat. This is not to be missed! Koh Samui is also a popular destination for those who love seeking adventure. If ATV riding and zip-line gliding are things that interest you, then you will be sure to love what Koh Samui has to offer.


Located in the very north of Thailand, a sleepy town called Pai has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in all of the land. This town has attracted yoga enthusiasts, mindfulness gurus, and spiritual seekers. The quiet landscape offers peace and solitude that is hard to come by elsewhere. If you are seeking a break, looking to relax, or trying to escape from the built-up city that you live in, then Pai is a perfect choice. If mindfulness is something that interests you, then be sure to check this out.


Phuket is an island located to the south of Thailand. A beautiful area with its own area, it is easily accessible by either plane or boat. You can try your hand at surfing the breaks, visiting big Buddha, or rambling the night market that occurs on a Sunday.

There are many ways in which you can choose to visit Thailand. Listed above are some of the more common, most popular ways. We hope that the information provided has been of some use to you. Travelling in Thailand comes with its own requirements following Covid-19, make sure you are aware of them by reading this.

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