The state of being called ‘the hyper-connected’ describes the demand coming from a new generation of employees who believe that digitally connected communication replacing paperwork with mobile forms simplifies the data collection and retrieval process. This helps the staff to work conveniently, open for communication to quickly resolve any issue, therefore they wish to remain connected whenever and wherever.

Connecting people across your company enhances accuracy, productivity, boosts collaboration, provides greater business agility and facilitates speedy communication between employees and customers.

But the shift to a digitally connected work environment doesn’t just happen. The younger generation (under 35 years) feel that there is a lack of necessary tools available while the older generation (above 50 years) feel they lack the skills to do so. Furthermore for using all the tools employees might need to be present in the workplace itself.

But the most important issue is that of security. Since being hyper-connected makes heavy use of the internet, broadband, camera phones, instant messaging, chances of security breaches increases.

Organisations therefore become more and more vulnerable due to enlarged attack surfaces, network to network bridgeheads and applications that take advantage of devices 24 hours connected to internet, which may lead to cyber attacks and leaks of confidential data.

No doubt, there are risks, but we should not resist the hyper-connected world. Instead companies should adapt the right management choices/tools. Companies should aim to develop more adaptable and flexible workspaces while taking care of security issues. This will allow them to leverage the potential of digital world for a brighter future.

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