Monday, December 11, 2023


Jason English

“Our focus is to deliver content that speaks to our values which are safety, people first, agile and responsible”

Josh Rabinowitz

"The need exists to bring physical therapy to the patient when the patient can’t come to physical therapy."

Jason Blick

“Keep moving forward, and don’t be afraid! Remember, you yourself are the best person in your life. Be yourself, chic yourself, make your own life goals, and shine!".

Gerard Panganiban

"gift-giving is more than just a transaction; it’s a significant ritual at the foundation of the social system."

"Every journey is different, and every individual has a different background, a different path to follow, different aspirations, and certainly a different personality."

"It's been amazing to see this company grow and as owners of the company, we take pride in seeing the growth knowing we are the engine behind the scenes that is generating the leads on an ongoing basis."


5 methods to combat burnout at the office

Work has become an around-the-clock activity, courtesy of the pandemic and technology that makes us reachable anytime, anywhere. Throw in expectations to deliver fast and create faster and it becomes hard to take a step back.

Here are the reasons why and solutions for Kenya’s rising inflation.

Inflation has hit many countries recently, from the United States to Sri Lanka.

To eliminate unwanted implications, hackathon should be renamed.

Events where groups of people come together to create or improve software using large data sets are usually called hackathons

The pursuit of AI advancement may result in harmful products.

This past June, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a probe into Tesla’s autopilot software.

Here are some reasons why you should take use of your annual leave and tips on how to do so.

Recent research shows one in five people in Ireland do not take their full annual leave entitlement. And in the UK, two in five workers have taken less leave in recent years as a result of the pandemic.

Accepting student mobile phone use in Schools can be a better strategy than outright forbidding it.

In China children get their first phone at an even younger age, with 88% of first to third-grade pupils (aged six to nine) reported to have their own smartphone.

Inspiring Techpreneurs: Revamping the Future, 2022