Monday, October 2, 2023




“The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions.”

Stacy Cason, Founder & CEO, Planetarie.

On the Cover

Stacy Cason

“Our team all knows that I am committed and work hard for the company. I aim to keep communication lines open and honest, have face time with each person weekly. I believe in leading with integrity and honesty. I do not micro-manage anyone.”

Janiv Ratson

“An idea that is not pushed to fruition is nothing but an idea. Have the courage and the confidence to turn your ideas into reality, and don’t be afraid to fail.”

Janiv Ratson, CEO & Co-founder, Axonize.

David Meltzer is aiming at positively impacting lives.

“We all experience fear, but it is important to identify when we are in ego-based emotion and stop, drop, and roll back to our center.”

Sid Nair

“With every team I led, I always created a vision and a plan to get there....I then asked people who wanted to be on the bus to hop on, and those that do not agree with the vision to get off the bus.”

Sid Nair, President and CEO, Affinitiv.

Amit On: Transforming the mobile communication experience.

“Something I really value about my company - there is no ego here, and we’re also all about the laughs too.”

Kenneth Kee

“ I see the current uncertainty as an opportunity to strive harder in the area where I didn’t see them as important in the past.”

Kenneth Kee, CEO, Origin Integrated Studios.

Erik Rind’s plan to create a universal basic data income.

“At ImagineBC, we still agree with Gordon Gecko’s comment that “greed is good” but the past 3 decades have shown us that there are limits to this expression. Social capitalism is about being “greedy” together. It’s about relying on one another rather than the government to solve our problems.”