Products in well-designed packaging stand out from the competition. While packaging design can seem like an afterthought when bringing a new product to market, the way packaging looks has the potential to directly affect sales. Consumer polling indicates that over 70% of consumers in the United States factor product packaging design into purchasing decisions, and over 80% of consumers consider the appearance of packaging when purchasing gifts. Here are a few objective factors for assessing the quality of the design of custom food bags and pouches.

Attractive Graphics and Authenticity

Packages with attractive graphics are likely to outperform products in less visually appealing packaging. Consumers expect packaging to have high-resolution, photo-quality images and may not perceive products in packages with lower image quality as desirable. Images that represent food or other products inside packaging should make these items look as enticing as possible. Brand representatives should also carefully consider color choices for packaging with regard to the type of product and the appearance of competing products.

While it may be tempting to replicate the design of the top-selling brand in your market sector, original packaging designs are more likely to stand out. Customers also factor in authenticity when making purchasing decisions. Custom printed Mylar bags make it possible for small- and medium-sized companies to create high-quality, distinctive product packaging that can compete with established brands. In many cases, customers consider small brands to be more authentic than competing offerings sold by large companies or conglomerates.

Functionality And Convenience

Good packaging design unites form and function. You should make sure that every design choice that you make contributes towards ease of use. Flexible packaging can be easier for consumers to pack, from grocery bags to day bags or lunch boxes. While many consumers do not consider the specifics of packaging materials, they are aware of factors such as durability and puncture resistance. 

Several packaging design features can promote convenience. Resealable closures, such as press to seal zippers, are one of the most convenient design features for packages that contain more than a single serving of consumable products. These design choices enable end customers to preserve freshness and prevent spills and can increase the likelihood of repeat purchases.

Eye-Catching Visibility

Good packaging stands out in store displays or on online marketplace product descriptions. Visibility is a critical consideration when designing product packaging. Even the most attractive packaging designs will have limited appeal if customers cannot easily see products in retail environments. You should factor in the presentation of products when deciding between printed stand up pouch or lay-flat pouch packaging or selecting options such as hang holes for pegs or hooks in store displays.

Market research has found that 30% of brands that improve product packaging report a boost in sales. This metric indicates that it is worthwhile for you to put time and effort into developing the best packaging design possible for each product. Good packaging design is attention-getting, reinforces selling points and can convince prospective customers to purchase your product.

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