Moving abroad for business sets you up for immense growth and monetary rewards. Not surprisingly, countless entrepreneurs do it every year despite the challenges of immigration and settling overseas. Fortunately, some countries let you do it easily, and Italy is one of them. An easy immigration process is only a start because the country also has broad markets and favorable regulations and tax structures for foreign business owners. You can set the pace with the Italia investor visa as it is the easiest immigration route. Consulting the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC for the process can ease the journey. Here are some quick tips about moving to Italy for business with an investor visa.

Know your investment options

The Italian investor visa process is pretty simple,  but choosing the apt investment option can get tricky. Of course, you can settle for the minimum amount of €250,000 to be invested in an innovative startup. But you may not want to invest in a new business, so you can explore other alternatives too. These include investing €500,000 in an already established company, donating €1 million to a public initiative, and buying government-issued bonds worth €2 million.

Sort out your bank statements

Sorting out your bank statements is the next thing you must do because they give you a head start with the process. The two-step journey begins with obtaining a nulla osta or certificate of no impediment. It requires you to have a valid proof of funds showing you have the capacity to invest a hefty sum to buy residency in Italy. Once you get a nulla osta, you can go ahead with the investor visa application at your local consulate.

Get ready with the funds

Although you can complete the investor visa process without spending anything, remember to get ready with the funds after wrapping it up. You will have to deposit the committed amount after reaching Italy and obtaining your resident permit. The good thing is that you have a three-month deadline to get the funds. Once sorted, you can go ahead with the business plans.

Bring your family in the picture

Starting a business overseas entails a fresh beginning for your family. After all, you will expect to bring them along. The good thing about the Italian investor visa is that it sets you up for family immigration. Your dependents can join you without additional investment, provided you can validate the ability to provide for them throughout their stay in the country.

Expand and stay for good

An investor visa is a golden ticket to set up, expand, and stay for good. You can travel across the EU without visa hassles as an Italian resident. It is an opportunity to reach out to the markets in these countries and unlock expansion opportunities. You qualify for Italian citizenship by naturalization after completing a decade in the country, so running a business for the long haul is not a stress factor.

Setting up a business in Italy with an investor visa is a breeze, but you must seek expert advice on the process. Having professional guidance puts you in a better place as you can focus on growing your business instead of dealing with the complexities of immigration.

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