We all know that stress kills and when you take a look at what is happening in our beautiful nation, it is no wonder so many people have mental health issues. Authoritarian methods have impacted every Australian citizen and some have mental health issues, which can come in a variety of conditions; problems can be seriously compounded when you have financial problems or are not in work.

If you are feeling stressed, here are a few things that you can do to help.

  • Seek out professional help – There is no shame in suffering with mental health issues and making an appointment with the psychologist in Moonee Ponds is the best way forward. A qualified psychologist can accurately diagnose a condition and recommend the best form of treatment. There is no one better qualified to talk to than a certified psychologist and after a diagnosis, you can discuss potential treatments.
  • Mental health counsellors – They can be found online and some charitable organisations offer a free service where you can talk to someone who understands what you are going through. A psychologist would be an experienced counsellor and sometimes, all we need is someone to talk to.
  • Change of environment – It is often that all it takes is a change of environment to lift the depression; book a relaxing holiday in Thailand and stay at a wellness resort, which gives you the chance to see the world from a different perspective. If you live alone and had to endure multiple lockdowns recently, take a short holiday or go and stay with family or friends to get a change of scenery. Click here for what happens to your brain when you don’t get enough sleep.
  • Take up meditation – Meditation is very beneficial to all that practice this ancient discipline; you can learn more about meditation online and there are courses to teach you the basics. There are a number of ways to meditate; some people mistakenly think that to meditate, you must completely clear your mind and think of nothing; this is actually impossible; rather meditation is to focus on one thought, one process. You can focus on your breathing, or the ticking of a clock, just something to keep your conscious mind still and calm. Try to avoid drinking or taking drugs, as this leads to addiction issues.
  • Talk to someone – If you are under stress and have no one that you can talk to about this, the stress will increase and pressure builds up inside you. If you have a partner, you really ought to discuss things with them; he or she can help by talking things through and motivating you when you feel down.

Counselling works for most people; stay away from negativity and situations that might trigger a panic attack, while a psychologist might recommend a course of medication. Most mental health experts are in agreement that making some changes in your life is conducive to improvement and with professional guidance from a local psychologist, things will improve.

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