If you are a mom, there is no better feeling than receiving your newborn and feeling the nice smell of their skin. Undoubtedly, it looks and feels great. You, however, should work hard to keep it soft, healthy, and beautiful. Thankfully, you can do so with the help of newborn skin care products. 

This article helps you learn the art of choosing skin-friendly products for your newborn. Many products are available, but not all those labeled “best” are the best for you. So, read on to learn about skincare products for babies and how to take care of their soft and delicate skin, especially during the first few weeks and months. 

Essential Baby Skincare Products

You cannot choose skincare products before you find out which products are necessary for your baby. Note that baby skincare products come in a wide range, and you must narrow down to a few or those you need only. Once you know those, it becomes easy to start the choice process. 

Skincare products for babies often vary depending on age and other factors. That means you need to master what you need at every stage. With that said, here are essential baby skincare products for babies:

    • Baby oil: you need one to use for massage. Avoid a moisturizer.
    • Baby lotion: keeps your baby’s skin moisturized, but avoid or use it sparing for tiny newborns
    • Baby powder: talc-free ones are highly recommended, but do not use them on genitalia or face
    • Petroleum jelly: acts as a protective barrier for your baby and helps treat diaper rash
    • Baby washes or soaps: ensure they are mild and use sparingly for newborns
    • Laundry detergent: you need those without dye or perfumes

Additional baby skincare products may be necessary, such as those used to treat some skin issues such as rashes. For those, you need a doctor or dermatologist’s prescription. The others you can buy online from various stores. Online shopping at GoLampin gives you the convenience of purchasing baby skincare products from the comfort of your own home. 

5 Strategies for Choosing Skin-Friendly Baby Products 

A quick search online for baby products will lead you to various stores full of products. While such a variety and availability are great, you need to be a bit careful, so you get safe and effective products. Like any parent, causing harm or using products with the wrong ingredients is the worst thing. 

Armed with the right strategies and tips, you can get safe and skin-friendly products for your baby online or at a physical store. Here are five strategies that can help you choose the best when shopping: 

 1. Start First With the Basic Skincare Products 

Full-term, healthy babies often do not need special or many skincare products after birth. You may not need creams or lotions for their skin during the first few weeks. At such times, you ought to use creams or topical creams only when necessary. 

The most common products you will require during the first few weeks are body wash, diaper rash cream, and baby shampoo. Take note that you need to allow the baby’s white coating when they are born to wear off naturally. If that does not happen or there are issues, seek the help of your healthcare provider. 

As a piece of advice, excessive products, even basic skincare products, can cause irritation and general discomfort. So, when you begin, be careful with the types and the amounts you apply. That is the only way to avoid allergies and other risks associated with the inappropriate use of skincare products. 

 2. Do A Skin Patch Test for New Baby Skincare Products 

One mistake many parents often make when choosing skincare products is introducing several products at once without proper assessment. The best approach is to try one at a time. Assess it carefully, and find out how it works and the correct way of using it. With such information, you reduce the risk of causing harm. 

Check if your baby’s skin is sensitive by doing a skin patch test. More precisely, apply a small amount of the specific product you want to try on your baby’s forearm. Apply it on the inside part and leave it for some time, usually a whole day, before washing it off. If you notice any signs of sensitivity, such as bumps, redness, or scaling, stop it. Use safe ones that will not cause such issues. 

 3. Read Labels Carefully 

If you are like many, you often ignore labels, yet they carry useful information about products. So, just like labels on food products, it is always good to read the labels on your baby’s products. That is one way to assess the safety and reliability of products. But when you read, what information should you focus on?

Pay attention to the words used to describe safety. Any generalizations or statements that are not specific suggest quality issues. So, avoid those products described using catchy labels such as environmentally friendly or natural ingredients. Instead, go for products approved by relevant bodies. 

In addition to regulation or approval, check the ingredients used to make the product you are considering. Is the list a long one with all names? Any missing information is a red alert. Once you read such labels, you can quickly determine if the product is good and whether you should use it. If not sure, ask your healthcare provider or dermatologist. 

 4. Use Mild Washes and Limit Baths in the First Weeks 

Limit exposure to washes or bath products during the early days. Such products are potentially irritating if used in excess amounts. So, consider infrequent baths, about two or three times a week and for a few minutes only. Daily bathing can cause dryness and alter the PH of your baby. 

When your baby starts crawling, change the routine and ensure your bath is more frequent. Use appropriate washes and avoid skin dryness and other issues related to crawling and bathing. As a precaution, avoid antibacterial cleansers or products with such ingredients. You do not need them at that early age. 

 5. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Use Appropriate Sunscreen

In the early days, precisely from birth to six months, your baby’s skincare routine should include protection from direct sunlight. Use hats and appropriate clothing, including wearing shades, outdoors to protect the baby from direct sunlight. Note that, at an early age, you may not need to use sunscreen. 

Once your baby attains six months, you can start introducing skincare products for sun protection. The best ones for babies above six months are mineral-based sunscreen products. Go for those that are made specifically for babies if you want to get protection for your kid. Use them consistently when you are outdoors. 


In conclusion, nothing is satisfying like ensuring your baby gets the best skincare products and routine to keep them healthy. With the best tips, you can achieve that and give your beloved baby the best. There are many products, but not all are appropriate for your baby. You cannot also start with all products at once.

You have learned how to choose skin-friendly products for your baby. As you have noted, offering your baby the best at every stage is the most important thing. Doing so is pretty simple when you have the knowledge and tips. Use good products and expect the best!

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