Email communication is central to the operation of any business regardless of the size. Despite most providers guaranteeing security, there still exist loopholes that cybercriminals can exploit to access company data without authorization. This calls for the implementation of security solutions that can easily detect any vulnerabilities in the system and take the required action. The market is full of solutions that can help curb incidents such as email spoofing and phishing. Consider cost, anti-phishing features, and ease of use when selecting an email security solution. Here is how these factors affect your email security.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Phishing attacks are among the leading cyber security threats, and businesses are the most vulnerable. Most large-scale cyber attacks have originated from phishing attacks. Your solution provider should have a concrete anti-phishing mechanism to guarantee maximum protection. The solution should be able to easily detect any phishing attempts. The detection must be automated since the manual system might miss some attempts..

Email Continuity

The security solution needs to complement the business to help enhance its operation. The solution should guarantee continuity with minimal server outages. In most cases, extended outages can lead to business interruption, leading to loss of revenue. Repeated email downtime can result in disgruntled customers, which can quickly lead to negative customer reviews, potentially tarnishing the  brand image. Email continuity is an essential feature of the security solution. Besides email continuity, the answer should also include an option to add secure data storage and archiving facilities.

Customer Support

Quality customer service defines the relationship with the provider. The customer support staff should handle all customers equally regardless of the company’s size. To learn about the customer experience, you can look at online reviews to grasp what other customers are saying. Overall, customer support should be real-time and 24/7. Besides convenient communication, customer support should be able to offer email security best practice advice, input from experts, and detailed periodic reports.


The solution you settle for needs to be suitable for your company’s current size and flexible to meet future expansion needs. The security tool should easily be customized and scaled to meet any new demands effectively. The provider must also understand any unique business needs, network configuration, and email behavior. Furthermore, the solution can integrate with other solutions like Office 365 for efficiency, control, and enhanced security.

Easy to Use Interfaces

A reliable email solution will be easy to use with minimum or no guidance. The solution should allow users to configure their emails easily in retracing and blocking unwanted and suspicious content. Additionally, the tool of your choice should be an easy sign-in allowing the convenient syncing of emails to other devices.


Email communication is integral to any business’s sustainability and growth. With the lingering threat of cybercriminals, it is vital to select the right email security solution. An adaptive and continuous solution  guarantees reliability and security in the event of a breach while promoting continued operations. Overall, the security solution should always complement other elements of your business.

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