A digital building directory is vital for any building, company, or mall because it allows visitors, especially first-timers, to know their surroundings. Having a digital directory installed means that people would not have to be worried about exploring the place or asking others repeatedly about the location of the meeting room, washroom, shop, etc.

For more info about building directories and digital signs that are affordable and ideal for your building, read below.

What Are Digital Directories?

It is a screen. The system contains a screen and software that helps show the structure of a building or the different locations in that building in a more visually appealing manner. The subjects are delivered to the screens with the help of digital signage software.

These electronic signs can be of different types. It can be a TV display illustrating the locations in a real estate venture, an advanced interactive display showing the departments in hospitals, or a big screen that addresses the entire layout of a mall or an educational institution. Moreover, residential and commercial buildings often rely on such digital building directories.

What are the Typical Uses Of Digital Building Directories?

Here are the primary reasons for using digital building directories.

    • To showcase the amenities offered in the building.

    • To display the resident listings.

    • To reveal the renting building pictures and contact information.

    • To illustrate the floor plans.

    • To display different maps and alerts on heavy traffic zones.

    • To show the transportation routes and schedules.

    • To display the local weather and live news feeds, etc.

How Different Businesses Use Digital Directories?

As mentioned earlier, digital building directories are used in various ways and for more info on the building. Here is how different fields employ digital building directories.

    • Commercial Buildings – Commercial buildings, such as companies and startups, use them to help guests discover the location of the waiting room, manager cabin, staff room, washroom, resting area, and more.

    • Hospitals – Various hospitals have directories to specify the route and directions to labs, x-ray rooms, general wards, ICU, doctor’s room, and the list of available personnel.

    • Retail Stores – Retail stores rely on directories to display where specific items are accessible so buyers can quickly purchase them.

    • Residential Buildings – Residential firms show the rental vacancies, residents, house numbers, and other details with directories.

    • Government Buildings – The location of the office area, different departments, service desks, courtrooms, and more are displayed with directories in various government buildings.

Are Digital Building Directories Ideal For Outdoors? 

Digital building directories are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. However, outdoor building directories are challenging and require more hardware, making them a bit expensive.

The hardware for outdoor building directories should be of the highest quality and have a sealing to safeguard against moisture, dirt, and other environmental elements. The directories must have high-end enclosures with heating and cooling features to control temperatures.

The screen should have a brightness level of 1,500 nits at the very least. In addition, the hardware should be protected with additional weld points, hardened safety glass, compression bolts, and galvanized steel.

Even the content shown on the outdoor directories might differ. Directories placed in high dwell periods can reveal lengthy content. However, the directories found in heavy traffic zones with more occasional dwell periods tend to display fewer and more focused content.


The digital building directories are visually appealing. The content displayed on the screen is easy to read and can be revised within a short period. Moreover, they show factual and up-to-date content, making it easy for visitors to learn about the place.

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