The value of instructional design cannot be overstated. A specific candidate must fulfill your company’s needs while handling their tasks effectively. When you hire instructional designers, you need to ensure that the candidate is well-versed in established procedures and open to trying out innovative instructional techniques. Make it a point to exclusively employ qualified individuals to create your staff’s training programs. Read on to learn more.

Who Is An Instructional Designer?

An instructional designer interacts with key stakeholders to perform a learning needs analysis for a selected target market. They produce low/high and detail-level design documentation to overcome performance and/or knowledge gaps and develop training content to help learners that will foster faster change, drive improved performance, and enable more effective decision-making.

Why Hire An Instructional Designer

Here is why you need an instructional designer:

    • They create training programs by collaborating with your subject matter experts.
    • They provide appropriate content for the targeted audience and align with your goals.
    • They revise the materials to reflect the changing demands of the team.
    • They can easily address concerns or questions related to training.
    • They enable individuals to learn more effectively by providing high-quality instructional content.

Find The Right Instructional Designer For Your Business

    • Check Previous Work Experience

Ask candidates for a link to their samples while you are gathering basic information about them. Although published resources are preferred, offline documents will function at the very least. Examples of their work must be provided. But remember that you can’t expect a beginner to produce work on par with a seasoned expert.

    • Evaluate With A Real-Time Sample

Don’t blindly accept what you see in the samples of their prior work. To verify their claims, you could ask them to respond to a hypothetical 10-minute challenge on an online form by offering suggestions on how to segment the content and make it interactive. Another alternative is to provide them with vague instructions so they can rewrite them for a particular demographic.

    • Examine Professional Connections

Serious candidates are individuals who volunteer their time in the community. Participating in groups and forums allows one to stay updated with changing trends. They are likely to use strategies that are well-accepted in the industry. They typically have a passion for their work and like to share that passion with those who work in related fields.

    • Ask for Personal Design Philosophy

Inquire about the candidate’s design philosophy and what originally attracted them to the field. A competent designer usually has some passion and zest for learning regardless of school background. Ask the candidate how they stay current in their profession by referencing blogs, white papers, websites, etc. Usually, the drive to learn is accompanied by a desire to support others as they learn.

    • Ensure On Hand Experience With a Tool Or Program

Ask for an example of how they enhanced design and interactivity using the characteristics of a tool or application. What counts are the technological design choices made, particularly when going from an outline or storyboard to a screen.

    • Validate They Have The Right Skills

Make sure they possess the abilities required for the position. Given the diversity of backgrounds and talents among instructional designers, you should ensure they possess the qualifications required for the particular role at your company.

Typical Responsibilities Of Instructional Designer

  • Consult with clients to determine the best learning objectives based on the organizational goals and objectives.
  • Creating plans for developing strategies, completing program curricula, learning architectures, plans, and competencies.
  • Making scripts or storyboards for new material.
  • Establish quantifiable goals to gauge success and monitor important performance indicators (KPIs).

How To Find An Instructional Designer

Fortunately, there are steps you may take to simplify the procedure. One of these is hiring an offshore employment agency that specializes in connecting companies with skilled remote professionals.


This article has discussed what an Instructional Designer is, their key responsibilities, and how to find one. Hope this helped you feel more confident about hiring the ideal instructional designer.

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