Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to build links and enhance your SEO efforts. 

Quality content has always been at the heart of search engine optimisation because it enables brands to establish themselves as authorities in their sectors. Additionally, it plays a paramount role in building backlinks to websites from prominent internet resources relevant to the business.

But how does it happen?

Companies creating content are more likely to capture their target public’s attention. Suppose internet users and content creators, and editors find the information useful. They might link to it from their websites, which helps the company create backlinks naturally. This strategy works well for websites that want backlinks without developing link-building campaigns. And the extra benefit is that they can use content to increase the average time their website visitors spend on a page, and this increases the website’s performance and boosts its rank.

But let’s face it, content creation to build links it’s tough. Long gone are the days when any text could build backlinks, and this article goes into the details of creating content that makes it easier to build backlinks.

Create case studies

Suppose your business performs excellently, don’t be shy about sharing your success with the world. Creating case studies effectively educates the public and shares with other people what strategies work well for you.

Whether you successfully launched a product, got a high number of followers on social media, or closed a deal with a well-known brand in your niche, it can make an exceptional case study topic.

Besides, case studies are great ways to establish your business as an authority in the industry because when you publish insightful content on your website, you gain a competitive edge. Case studies can help companies build brand authority.

But can case studies get any backlinks?

If you collaborate with a , you can develop some link-building strategies based on creating case studies. You can reach out to different publications in your niche and ask them if your content provides them with any value for their audiences.

Expert contributions

Your workforce is made of different experts who can share their knowledge with the public to help you establish your business as an authority in your niche. Experts are some of the most valuable assets in your company, and you can easily use them from a content marketing perspective.

Wrongfully, most marketers assume that linkable assets need to be something (blog posts, infographics, ebooks) when in fact, they can use their talent to attract publishers.

Journalists lack knowledge of the subjects they present and need to utilise specialists to add value to their articles. You can connect with magazines and local publications looking for specialist advice and offer your help.

Make infographics

Link building services recommend publishing valuable information on your website to build backlinks naturally. Infographics are share-worthy pieces of content and easy to create because they offer insights in a format everyone can understand. The best thing about making infographics is that they don’t need a lot of time.

Share your infographics on your social media profiles and get in touch with website editors to have them published on niche platforms.

Suppose you want to leverage creating infographics as a way to acquire backlinks, ensure they are unique and provide the audience with valuable data. Transforming a listicle into an infographic doesn’t get it published on high-authority websites. Add the latest statistics and integrate actionable takeaways to transform them into informative and engaging pieces of content.

In addition, the visual element makes them more attractive to Internet users.

Create research reports

Content creators rely on research to support their statements. There’s nothing as valuable as original research when writing pieces of content with the purpose of building links, so use them to position your company as an authority in your niche that conducts research to identify the latest market trends and needs. However, consider that research usually requires extensive resources, so ensure that you can spare them.

Original research reports are sought after and valued in all industries by journalists, industry experts, and even the target audience.

Coming up with an informative report is an effective way to get backlinks from niche publications and news websites. This is because content creators and journalists prefer to add statistics and information related to the topics they discuss in their articles to make them look trustworthy. You want new websites to link to your website because they usually have high domain authority and traffic and will drive readers to your page. Getting backlinks from well-known publications in your sector can help you boost brand awareness.

Interview experts

Time interviews can also be resource-consuming because planning them takes time, but if you’re able to interview industry experts and publish the videos or articles on your website, you can earn links.

When running an interview with a well-known specialist in your niche, focus on topics and questions your audience is genuinely interested in to provide them with valuable content. Can you encourage the expert to share advice, industry insight, recommendations, or guidance? Then you have a piece of content of great value that will enable you to earn links from publishers.

Come up with guides

Regardless if you’re a B2B or B2C company, educational guidelines are perfect for supporting your link building efforts because they function as resource pages.

As you most likely guessed, long-form content adds value to a subject and provides in-detail information about a topic your public wants to find out about. However, before writing a guide, research the market to find out what your audience is looking for. Your guides must answer frequently asked questions for others to link to them.

Final thoughts

Content plays an essential role in generating backlinks. You can collaborate with a link building agency to earn natural backlinks, but it’s also crucial to have a well-planned content creation strategy in place. The above recommendations should help you elevate your content creation efforts.

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