Did you know that solar power is one of the most popular forms of alternative energy?

Today, more people than ever are relying on solar cells to power their homes and lives. But for some, a question still lingers: Can solar panels power a whole house? And the answer is yes–they can.

See below for a complete guide on how solar energy can power a big, reliable house.

Availability of Renewable Energy

When used in conjunction with other renewable energy sources like wind and hydropower, it is possible to completely power a home off of solar energy. Each home is different and the number of solar panels required to power the entire house depends on the energy requirements of the home.

Can Solar Panels Power a Whole House? Your Questions Answered

Solar panels should be backed up with a battery system to provide energy when the sun is not available. Solar panel system costs vary depending on the size of the system and other factors but typically the cost savings over time can cover the system in just a few years.

There are government incentives that can help the overall cost of the system. Make sure to call Blue Raven Solar today. With the right system, solar panels can be used to power a whole house.

Solar Power Generates Enough Electricity

Solar panels can power a whole house, however, the amount of electricity generated by these panels depends on several factors including the amount of sunlight, the size of the area on the roof or ground where the solar panel installation, the size and efficiency of the solar panels, and other considerations.

The amount of electricity generated depends on the size of the space and the number of solar panels required for the home. For example, a small suburban home may require around 6-8 kW system or twenty medium-sized 300W solar panels, which would generate enough electricity to power an entire house.

For a larger home, more solar panels or a higher capacity solar system may be needed to generate enough energy. It is generally possible to generate enough electricity to power a whole house with proper planning and installing solar panels. With this, you can surely get the most out of the solar panel costs

Require Little to No Maintenance

Since solar cells have no moving parts, they usually do not require any maintenance at all. Even when used for a long period, they may merely require cleaning or a check-up to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

When upkeep is required, it’s usually very minor and consists of things like trimming any overhanging tree branches or cleaning the solar cells. Solar panels also offer immense savings on electricity bills, as well as being great for the environment. Therefore, solar panels can power a whole house with little to no maintenance. 

Can Solar Panels Power a Whole House?

The short answer is yes and that answers the question of can solar panels power a whole house. However, it will depend on the size of the house and the energy requirements of its occupants. The cost-effectiveness of this approach also needs to be taken into consideration.

If you have questions about how this can work for your home, contact a qualified solar energy specialist and get the answers you need.

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