Best Practices to Impress the Recruiter with Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is a networking app to build links and a way for a recruiter to get to know you better. It is a leading platform allowing you to showcase your formal self professionally.

Having a LinkedIn profile allows you to showcase your professional experience and skills and can make it easier for recruiters or potential employers to find you. You can also use it to connect with other professionals in your industry and stay informed about job opportunities and industry news. Creating a LinkedIn profile may be worth considering if you’re looking to build your professional network or explore job opportunities.

Your LinkedIn profile is a live album of your professional growth. No recruiter would want to see you have thrown a profile on the app with no bio, professional history, or even a decent picture. They want to see who you are and whether you have the potential to get a position or not. And the easiest way to do that is by updating and optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Here are some of the key pointers that recruiters wish to see in the ideal candidate: 

Professional headshot for the Display Picture

You wouldn’t want to give a silly non-serious impression to the recruiter. Instead of putting up a photo of a silly face or a family portrait, use a professional headshot with a minimalistic background and formal clothes. Dress smartly and put on your best smile to give a good impression to the recruiter. Try to look relaxed in the picture to show a welcoming attitude. 

Complete Your Profile

Completing a LinkedIn profile is similar to filling out a CV. The fuller, the better. Using engaging descriptions for your work experience gives the recruiter the impression that you are a passion-driven person. Refrain from lazing out from adding everything to create a work timeline that could talk on your behalf to the recruiter. A complete profile will establish you as a credible and trustworthy candidate.

Besides professional experience, fill out the certifications, skills, and interest section with authentic information. You can add your fellowships and internships in the experience section for a more comprehensive description.

Add extra Jest to your Profile

There is nothing wrong with being extra in professional spaces since you must showcase your competencies to get a job. However, do not go overboard with it. You can start by posting regularly on your LinkedIn Profile, do not post irrelevant or controversial opinions, and remain civil with your conduct on the platform. 

You can discuss new information, case studies, technology, and social causes on your Profile. If you have a literary background, you can link your blogs, articles, newsletter, and content to your Profile. You can post daily highlights like seminars, conferences, or workshops. Or post motivational quotes and excerpts to encourage fellow job seekers and recruiters. 

Use a customized and to-the-point Summary

Use a straightforward, personalized statement to describe your career aspirations and achievements. Rather than calling yourself a team player or a subject matter expert, highlight your achievement through your statement. You can also use anecdotes to start telling about your journey.

Also, highlight your greatest accomplishments instead of telling your name or personal details in the summary. Instead of jargon-filled words like highly motivated” or “prove track record,” highlight a problem you solved. It will communicate your value to the recruiter without using any extra words. 

Take advantage of the Headline

The headline is your elevator pitch. The statement of purpose helps you stand out from the crowd. A small space at the top section of your LinkedIn profile describes what you do in 220 characters. It appears beside the user name in the search results. A headline is a great way to entice a recruiter into knowing more about you. Therefore, instead of using fillers and jargon, stick to facts only.

If you work as a project manager at an animation studio, you can use a headline describing your work. For example, I manage the production and crew to deliver visually creative projects. 

Your Network Size

LinkedIn is filled with peers, colleagues, friends, clients, and contractors for networking. Many influencers and experts encourage people to build a big network. Add as many links as you can. However, there are better ways to build an active network. There is no use in adding a chef to your followers list when you belong to the IT industry. Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn is a place to stay relevant. You should add peers, public figures, and colleagues from your field to build an active network.

An active network can help candidates get recommendations, endorsements, and engagements on their Profile. That gives a good impression to the recruiters. 

An Active Profile is Necessary to Leave a Positive Impact on the Recruiter

A dormant account with no posts, information, or activity will give a negative impression to the recruiter. Not having an active account is not inherently “bad,” but it can limit your opportunities for networking and building professional connections. But given that it facilitates the recruitment process, not having an active LinkedIn profile signals that a candidate is not passionate enough to build a professional network.

An active LinkedIn account can be a bounty point for your job application. Even if you have not gained prior experience, you can build a solid network on this platform to leverage these links.

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Roxen Smith is a certified professional resume writer and is well-versed in the latest industry standards and trends. She is a highly skilled and experienced resume and cover letter writing expert with over ten years of experience in the field. At Finest Resume Writing Services, she has a proven track record of helping job seekers land their dream jobs by crafting compelling resumes that showcase their strengths and qualifications.

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