Securing your premises is one of the crucial aspects of running a business because it houses your assets, employees, and cash. But most small businesses go complacent with premises security unless they have valuable stock and loads of cash, as with jewelry stores and retail counters. You may want to save some dollars to keep your small business budget in control, but safety is the last thing you should compromise. The good thing is that you can secure your business without breaking the bank. Here are some actionable best practices to fortify your premises.

Assess your risks

A comprehensive risk assessment gives you a good start when it comes to developing a plan to secure your workplace. It enables you to find the areas where your premises are vulnerable and pick specific steps to address those vulnerabilities. For example, you can install cameras and hire guards for your parking lot if it is isolated. Likewise, cash vaults require extra attention for companies holding big amounts. Focusing on risks that actually exist is the best way to allocate your security budgets wisely.

Stay ahead of employee theft

Think beyond external threats while assessing your risks in the first place. Your employees may be an underrated risk factor because not every person is as honest and loyal as you imagine. Moreover, employee theft is a significant concern for small businesses as owners may never realize it until much damage is done. Step up your vetting processes during recruitment, implement stringent access control, and establish zero-tolerance policies regarding theft to stay ahead of the concern.

Secure the building

Securing your building is non-negotiable, regardless of the size and scale of your business. Ensure coverage for all access points and go the extra mile with high-risk areas such as vaults, cash counters, server rooms, and stock rooms. Since gates are the first line of defense, setting up reliable gate entry systems is the most crucial aspect of building safety. You must also invest in optimal lighting, dependable alarm systems, and video surveillance for extra layers of safety.

Safeguard stock and equipment

Your stock and equipment are probably worth a fortune, so spending a bit to safeguard them is a good decision regardless of your tight budgets. Consider taking stock more frequently than yearly schedules as it keeps you ahead of  voids or discrepancies in your stock levels. Also, secure your valuable equipment by implementing access control measures that allow only trusted employees in.

Train your team

Another measure to fortify your small business premises on a small budget is to invest in staff training. Safety training equips people to safeguard themselves, co-workers and visitors, and business assets in the event of an emergency. They are more confident as they know what to do in risky situations. Training should include recognizing suspicious or threatening behavior so that your employees may preempt a situation with timely action.

Premise safety deserves due attention regardless of the size of your business. Even small ones with tight budgets must invest in it to safeguard their assets, employees, and reputation.

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