Sustainability is an emerging trend in the corporate world, and it is here to stay. Established enterprises are embracing it, and startups are willing to go the extra mile from the outset. In fact, you are in a better place to go green as a startup entrepreneur. Putting sustainability on your checklist makes sense, even if it requires a little extra investment. It can give you a competitive advantage as a provider and employer because everyone wants to collaborate with organizations that do their bit for the environment. Fortunately, setting up a green business from scratch is easier than you imagine. Here are some valuable insights from entrepreneurs who have been there and done it.

Begin with green business ideas

Since you are in the initial stages, you have the opportunity to begin with a green business idea. Starting from scratch is easier than refurbishing products and processes for an existing business. Think of bringing sustainability into your offering through investment in energy-efficient machinery, eco-friendly packaging, and paperless processes. Choose eco-conscious suppliers and partners for long-term collaborations. Implementing these ideas may entail some extra burden, but it is worthwhile.

Choose an eco-friendly location

Choosing the apt location for your startup premises is another way to go green from scratch. Whether you buy or rent, ensure that the land developer has been thorough with Environmental Permitting and due diligence. Setting up at a location over wetlands or a reserved area is the last thing you should do as you may face regulatory problems down the line. Partner with a reputable land developer and double-check the project specifications to be extra sure about environmental compliance.

Invest in energy efficiency

Besides choosing a green location for your startup, you must invest in energy efficiency wherever possible. Not all entrepreneurs can go solar early, but small steps like LED lighting and energy-saving appliances give you a good start. Automation systems to manage heating and lighting can also lower energy usage and bills. You can install solar panels later when you have the budget because they empower your business with tax cuts and credits.

Pick a team with the right mindset

A startup’s success deepens on its team, and the same applies to its green thumb. Look for team members who share the vision and values of sustainability with you. Being conscious of your hiring decisions helps as you must look beyond skills and experience. The extra effort enables you to create camaraderie and embrace a more authentic approach to make a better world with your team in the long run. Moreover, green becomes a part of your company’s culture from the outset.

Create a CSR strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility sounds like a big word reserved only for enterprise-grade businesses. But embracing a viable CSR strategy can set your startup apart. You can start small and choose green initiatives such as cleaning a local beach on the weekends, recycling waste materials, and planting trees in the neighborhood. Doing your bit for the local community is a good idea.

Going green as a startup is the best way to launch your venture. The sooner you start, the better, as you can reap immense benefits from the mindset. You can embrace these simple tips to start from scratch.

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