If you love sport and are a fit and healthy person who is looking to set up your own business, perhaps a gym franchise is right for you. One thing is for sure, there is a global fitness trend and by investing in a gym franchise, you can ride the wave to success and this can include you gaining certification as a personal trainer.

Lead by example

If you are planning to invest in Sydney’s leading gym franchise, why not take the courses that give you the qualifications to take fitness classes as an instructor. This allows you to head up the business and with the full support of the franchiser, your new gym will enjoy steady growth; you will make more money if you take classes and staff will respect you if you are certified to teach. If you are unable to gain certification, you will have to hire instructors and the process of hiring is controlled by the franchiser.

A success story

The mother company (franchiser) should already be successful, with at least 5 years of steady growth, which means their business model has a proven track record. The franchiser offers you a complete package; all you need is the desire to be successful, the mother company provides everything else and will support you in every possible way. Click here for tips on running a business.

Apply for a franchisee information pack

If you find the website of a leading Sydney gym organisation, look for information about franchising and you can download a starter pack, which contains the following:

    • Company background & history
    • Network benefits
    • What to expect as a franchisee
    • FAQs
    • How to apply for a franchise

The information pack contains everything you need to know and when you are ready, you can make an application to become a franchisee. This would lead to an initial meeting with the mother company when everything would be presented to you.


You will no doubt have some questions regarding taking out a franchise and any questions that are not covered on the FAQ page, you can ask directly via the franchiser’s website. Of course, you will have the full support of the mother company and that pretty much guarantees steady growth.

There are many benefits to working in the fitness sector; you will always be fit and there’s a lot of satisfaction in helping your customers attain their fitness goals.

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